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Favourite Streams While Drawing? - Bookend - 12-05-2015

Hey guys! Grin

I figured we all tend to like to listen to motivational talks, music, or even TV shows while we're drawing.  Not to distract from our focus, of course, but to keep us focused with background noise.

So, what are your favourite things to listen to while drawing?  And, for that matter, is there anything else you have going on?

I kinda like listening to this dude lately:

Also, Anthony Jones is always a win:

Level Up!  Can be fun to listen to:

One Fantastic Week:

I've also listened to weird focus music and crap, but it doesn't keep me sustained for as long.

And... I can't think of anything else at the moment! 

So, what do you guys listen to?

RE: Favourite Streams While Drawing? - neopatogen - 12-17-2015

I listen to In Pursuit of Art,too!
I also listen to Elliott Hulse a lot and his Strength Camp channel

RE: Favourite Streams While Drawing? - ZombieChinchilla - 12-18-2015

Level Up is great, I'm listening to the Dan Luvisi ep right now and MAN it's a motivational kick in the ass.

Will Terry has some great stuff:

And Art Cafe, too: