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RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - OtherMuzz - 06-12-2016

Did you see the new proko on the upper back?

It's directly related to what you are drawing :).

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-13-2016

@OtherMuz:  Yep - thanks for the heads-up dude!  I'm definitely gonna go back and study that one - Proko is one of the main places I go to study - I find his teachings to be really effective.

Bit tired from digging things in the garden today so haven't done much apart from study the pectoralis major muscle (Proko again :)):

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-14-2016

Figure sketch from Pixelovely using mannequin construction and then sketched on where I thought the pectoralis major was:

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-14-2016

And a sketch from imagination trying to invent the configuration of the pecs.

Hmmm - I think his shoulders are too close into his torso - I should probably have spread them further apart?  More reference studies needed I think.

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-15-2016

I've been studying triceps tonight:

Followed by sketch from photo ref. would do more but I'm really tired now.

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-16-2016

Some slower gestures.  I just took my time with these until I felt I wanted to move on.  I guess these took anywhere between 5 - 10 mins each.  I'm trying to think about the 3D forms as much as I can now.

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - OtherMuzz - 06-16-2016

Awesome! See taking your time does work :D!

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-17-2016

@OtherMuz:  Thanks!  For sure dude - taking your time means you absorb more.  Really appreciated the solid crit you gave me a few posts back - thanks again.

I'm being drawn more and more into the construction of the human figure - starting studying Hampton - awesome!

Went onto Pixelovely and grabbed a gesture then did some construction on it:

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-20-2016

Working on a pose from imagination using a perspective grid.  I started with a grid, then sketched in a gesture, then constructed the form using basic 3D shapes.  Need to get to bed so have paused at this point:

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Brian Hermelijn - 06-20-2016

Looking pretty solid from just imagination. using a grid definitely helps. Will have to think how to replicate a grid on paper, since drawing it every time on paper can use a lot of spaces. Great progression, keep the process going. *thumbs up*

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - aks9 - 06-21-2016

woah. awesome studies going on here. not much else to say!

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-23-2016

@Hermidraws:  Thanks for the feedback mate.   Yep I found myself almost subconciously following the perspective grid as I was laying down the construction - it definitely helps.  By the way I left a suggestion on your critique request thread about laying down some perspective lines on paper - hope it helps.

@aks9:  Thanks for the encouragement dude :).

Finished off the perspective imagination by sketching in some musculature - still loads of gaps in my anatomy knowledge so plenty of study for me to get my teeth into :).

Doing these imagination pieces are sooooo useful in identifying gaps and pointing at what to study next.  Gotta keep on doing them frequently.

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - imPhelikz - 06-24-2016

Nice studies!, How are you liking Michael Hampton's approach?

Let's keep the hardwork coming!

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-24-2016

@imPhelikz:  Thanks :).  Hampton's approach really clicks with me.  It's like he engineers his figure drawings, breaking down complex musculature into basic forms.  I've only just started with it really but am looking forward to getting more into it.

For tonight a study of the biceps: origins and insertions.

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-25-2016

Studying how Hampton starts from a gesture, identifies landmarks and builds up volume:

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-26-2016

Wasn't sure what I was trying to achieve with tonight's excercise - doing a human figure construction sketch from photo reference and then guessing at the perspective grid.

In the end I realised it was useful to me for the following reasons:

1. It gave me a feel for real world (well photo referenced) perspective which will help hopefully when I try to apply to imagination drawings.
2. It gave me practice at human figure construction.

Not sure the significance of this but the 2 vanishing points in the photo reference were a lot further apart than the ones in my imagination sketch from post #112.  I will investigate this but anyone out there able to enlighten me here please?

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - OtherMuzz - 06-26-2016

Quote:Not sure the significance of this but the 2 vanishing points in the photo reference were a lot further apart than the ones in my imagination sketch from post #112. I will investigate this but anyone out there able to enlighten me here please?

It all depends on the lens focal length.

[Image: portraits_mini.jpg]

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - Artloader - 06-27-2016

@OtherMuzz:  Thanks for the tip-off mate.  Useful stuff as always.

I also did some reading of my own on perspective distortion:

and from what I can understand, the distance from the camera to the subject also plays a part.

For example if you're too close to someone's face, you get a shot where their nose is too big and their ears are folded back like on the last photo from your post Muzz.

From what I read, most portrait photographers use a distance of between 6ft - 20 ft.

Anyway I had a play about with distance from camera to subject in Blender to try and get my head round this a bit more (the little triangle is the camera and the subject is a cube):

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - JyonnyNovice - 06-27-2016

Hey dude! Been a while, good to see you're still at it with the figures and considering the real perspective of them is so important, it'll help loads in the long run! It's something i only started doing recently. That camera lens stuff gets more complex still when you add in zoom - a camera far away but zoomed in is different from one close up (the vp's end up quite wide) . Scott Robertson's 'how to draw ' has some detailed explanations but I found them not so easy to apply, but good for theory. He does mention though, when he's starting a demo and drawing the first lines of his grid that he's already decided what kind of camera lens he wants. So he considers it from the very start and draws a grid tailored to it - he chooses between 4 lenses, 25mm, 50mm , 75mm (I think) and fish eye lens. I guess he has just developed instincts to do a grid that roughly conforms to one of those.

In 'framed ink ' as well, it's just a short section, but he explains it in a much easier to follow way (not got computer at the moment but when I do I'll scan those pages for you. Sorry for the long convoluted comment! Don't neglect that gesture practice either!

RE: Artloader - Sketchbook - OtherMuzz - 06-27-2016

Good stuff taking the initiative to do the research!