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Yaniv's Sketchbook - Yanifska - 01-12-2016

Hey guys I want to start a sketchbook to keep a following on my many sketches and maybe get a chance to have some feedback! So please, please share your thought on these!

Here the first one that I am working on, currently in the design stage, I think I am going to change the city quite a lot, I am playing with colors as well.
I just finished my reference folder so it is quite unclear where I am exactly going.
All I know is I want a very atmospheric piece with a strong feel of light and color. .
It's my final assignment for the Design whit Color and Light class with Nathan Fowkes on Schoolism subscription.
[Image: city-attack-2.jpg]

RE: Yaniv's Sketchbook - Yanifska - 01-13-2016

Hi there,
here is some slow progress,
[Image: city-attack3.jpg]

RE: Yaniv's Sketchbook - Yanifska - 01-14-2016

I continue to build slowly this piece,
I made some drastic changes to the composition and creatures.
[Image: city-attack5.jpg]