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Dino's sketchbook - kazenodino - 05-18-2016

Hello :) I want to learn to paint this year.
process here, feel free to judge.

wanted to paint something I like, I'm playing a lot of(too much) hearthstone so here's a piece I'm working on.

RE: Dino's sketchbook - John - 05-18-2016

Hiya Dino!

Your piece is too early in its stage for me to give a solid critique. But if I may give you anything, avoid saturating your cool colors if you're saturating your warm colors. In the same breath, avoid saturating your warm if you're already saturated the cool. It has to do with having a consistent light source.

But then again, it's probably an intentional choice to pull it off that way! Your latest piece looks interesting! Keep going good sir!