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arttorney's sketchbook - arttorney - 06-05-2016

This was based on the Random Scene Generator.
Scene Archetype:
Genre- Dark
Period- Past
Time- Dawn
Season- Winter
Environment- Desert/Badlands
Location- Ruins
Activity- Observing
Secondary Elements- Phenomenon

Features- Hard Light/Natural Light
Color Scheme- Tetrads colors
Camera Angle- Wide Shot
Gravity- Weaker than Earth

RE: arttorney's sketchbook - arttorney - 06-23-2016
Here is a screen cast of a visual novel game version of  The Cask of Amontillado I made.  The game can be played in four different permutations.  The above one was the two dimensional art plus classical music soundtrack version.  The below link is to the futuristic 3D art with alternative music soundtrack version.

RE: arttorney's sketchbook - arttorney - 07-11-2016

I finally finished this project.