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RE: Notan Study Group - Piotr Jasielski - 07-29-2016

Great studies guys, keep it up!

Something I just did offline as an experiment:

RE: Notan Study Group - Lodratio - 08-01-2016

Tried doing some faces from imagination. I think the some of the facial features are misaligned, but I couldn't figure out how to make it all work together.

RE: Notan Study Group - Piotr Jasielski - 08-14-2016

Good stuff, Lodratio. Keep this up.

Sorry for not being active recently but I can't. Just a quick drop - how you can easily apply notans into traditional painting:

RE: Notan Study Group - AChi - 08-17-2016

I missed the streaming part of this study group. I hope it's not too late to join.

These are some daily studies that I did for Jama's workshop. The concept is the same as in Amit's class--thinking graphically, creating random shapes. At the beginning I can hardly complete this practice in a limited time (15-20min as Jama suggested), but after I start doing it as a daily study I can actually do this, and more ideas are generated.

RE: Notan Study Group - Amit Dutta - 08-17-2016

Awesome guys! Piotr is away for another week or two except on weekends, so he's not able to host streams. Keep it up! I'm sure he will be back to it once he's got more time.

RE: Notan Study Group - mechapangolin - 08-26-2016

Any spots left?

RE: Notan Study Group - Piotr Jasielski - 08-26-2016

hey mechapangolin, everyone is free to join.

I'm finally back so I'll try to go back to streaming.

RE: Notan Study Group - genosgrande - 08-31-2016

When do you guys meet?

RE: Notan Study Group - Piotr Jasielski - 09-01-2016

Hey genosranade. It used to be mondays 10 am GMT +1 but I'll need to rething the time. Anyway I'll let you all know.

RE: Notan Study Group - Piotr Jasielski - 09-04-2016

Yes that's a notan there.

I'll try to revive the streaming tomorrow usual time. No promises though :P

RE: Notan Study Group - chubbycat - 09-07-2016

Thanks for all the great comments and feedback, guys. I'm sorry I haven't been very active in this study group. I still do notans for warmups but haven't had anything I'm proud of enough to post.

Awesome video Piotr Jasielski, the piece turned out beautiful. I would love to try something similar in the near future.

RE: Notan Study Group - Lodratio - 09-13-2016

I made some more notans! The first and second one are kind of questionable in terms of colors and values, but I think the third one is getting better.


RE: Notan Study Group - Piotr Jasielski - 09-13-2016

Looks like a good start Lodratio. Amit would say you're jumping to colors to early and Vlad would say you didn't work on composition enough (at least that is what they say me all the time :D).

I'd say you should probab;y do some photo studies or evironment master studies, because grasping the technique and being creative is quite hard at the same time. It's probably also what I should do as well.

Maybe next tiem we could do the Hangout session and study some stuff together

RE: Notan Study Group - Lodratio - 09-14-2016

Thanks for the critique man. Yeah, I'd love to do a Hangout, it's just a matter of catching you when it happens.

So, Ive been doing some more notan stuff to procastrinate from writing an essay. Tried to think more about composition with the first one... but I still ended up jumping to colors too early, and after that I messed around with the pixel brush and completely forgot about composition again. I'll try to force myself to do some masterstudies next, promise. Oh wait, no, I should be writing my essay instead of doing art what the hell is wrong with me?

RE: Notan Study Group - neopatogen - 10-02-2016

some game creatures notans

RE: Notan Study Group - Piotr Jasielski - 10-03-2016

Great work guys.

Just in case - I'll have to find another time for the notan stream. Monday morning will be occupied by something else I have to do.