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Alex's sketches! - AlexShi - 01-19-2017

So here's my thread for posting sketches! Hopefully I can get some feedback from you, nice people  Stupid
My goal is to find work in the entertainment industry as an illustrator. I really enjoy the storytelling aspect of it and I wish to be able to draw freely both characters and environments.

Anyways, here is some stuff I sketched lately. Most are traditional (I don't have a scanner so sorry about the quality)

[Image: heads01_by_alexshiga-davuuzc.jpg]

[Image: figures01_by_alexshiga-davuv58.jpg]

[Image: marker_sketch_by_alexshiga-davuuum.jpg]

RE: Alex's sketches! - gregorkari - 01-19-2017

hey nice! I like your ink heads!
If you want to gain your knowledge in storyboard drawing there's an amazing book called Framed Ink that I find really helpful!

RE: Alex's sketches! - AlexShi - 01-19-2017

Hi there, thank you for dropping a comment!
I do have this book, I'll have to re-read it sometime soon! Thanks!

RE: Alex's sketches! - Artloader - 01-19-2017

Hey welcome to the forum AlexShi :)

I'm afraid your DeviantArt links aren't working for me right now - have the images been removed?

You have some nice works on your portfolio site though :).

Looking forward to seeing more from you :).

RE: Alex's sketches! - razvanc-r - 01-19-2017

Man... I thought you're a guy :D. Alright, with that out of the way, really really nice stuff (I've seen deviant). Pictures you uploaded here don't show up tho'... try fixing?!

RE: Alex's sketches! - AlexShi - 01-19-2017

Artloader - Thank you for commenting! I can see the pictures fine and it seems that gregorkari also saw them. I uploaded them to dA Stash, do you think that might be the problem?

razvanc-r - lol, I don't know why you thought I'm a guy :D Thank you for the kind words and the watch on dA!!

RE: Alex's sketches! - AlexShi - 01-19-2017

Not sure if I fixed it, can anybody see the images in my first post?

RE: Alex's sketches! - Artloader - 01-19-2017

Yeah I can see them now, nice work :). I love the one of the old guy having a smoke :).

RE: Alex's sketches! - AlexShi - 01-19-2017

Artloader - thanks and glad to know it's fixed!

Here are some other studies, this time in digital:

color studies based on ref
[Image: landscape_color_studies_by_alexshiga-davy670.jpg]

some monster concept sketches for my project
[Image: monster_sketches_by_alexshiga-davy677.jpg]

I'm not good with weapons but I tried to design a rocket launcher in style of old west revolvers :D

[Image: concept_rocket_launcher_sketches_by_alex...avy674.jpg]

RE: Alex's sketches! - AlexShi - 01-23-2017

An environment painting from last week!

[Image: a_city_in_the_desert_by_alexshiga-dawa1yy.jpg]

RE: Alex's sketches! - NoodleInBox - 01-23-2017

That enviro is great! Love the colors and composition and your studies looks sweet too kepp it up : P

RE: Alex's sketches! - Artloader - 01-25-2017

Great work here AlexShi :).

Those rocket launchers came out looking pretty good in the end - they do have an old west vibe to them.

Keep it going :).

RE: Alex's sketches! - AlexShi - 02-10-2017

NoodleInBox - Thank you!
Artloader - Thank you! I have a bit of trouble making it functional though :D

Here are some sketches I did lately. I've been quiet because I'd started freelancing again but am trying to still find some time for personal work! I really do need to invest in a scanner though, the quality of these photos is terrible! :D

All this was done with pencil but I'm slowly discovering that I like my work more when I work with ink or pens, maybe because my lines are more confident and carefully placed while when drawing with pencil I often catch myself drawing mushy lines and chicken-scratching... I know I know, drawing from the elbow, not the wrist... but still I tend to space out and forget. I can't help remembering that I can always use an eraser.

[Image: untitled_by_alexshiga-dayhvb0.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_alexshiga-dayhvaa.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_alexshiga-dayhv93.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_alexshiga-dayhv83.jpg]

RE: Alex's sketches! - Axrel - 02-10-2017

Wow! Really nice environment painting! And the movement you have in those sketches is nice :)

RE: Alex's sketches! - kvSketch - 02-10-2017

:O environment piece is awesome! I like your sketches as well. Great stuff.

RE: Alex's sketches! - Fedodika - 02-11-2017

ooh nice city! I need to learn how to do that kinda stuff!

RE: Alex's sketches! - AlexShi - 02-15-2017

Axrel, kvSketch, Fedodika - Thank you all very much!

Here's a painting from last week. Critiques welcome!

[Image: let_them_burn_by_alexshiga-dayv8nx.jpg]

RE: Alex's sketches! - VoodooMama - 02-15-2017

Great sketchbook
Really like the environment painting
As well as the last image. The colors and lighting are very good!
Keep up the good work!

RE: Alex's sketches! - AlexShi - 02-28-2017

VoodooMama - Thank you !!

I've been quiet for some time, waiting for my new scanner to arrive so I can scan my sketches instead of taking photos. I decided to draw 50 poses a week (among other things) and here are some pages. I didn't scan all of them, just the ones I was more or less happy with. I've also done some color studies. 

[Image: figures01_by_alexshiga-db0o0p6.jpg][Image: figures02_by_alexshiga-db0o0jt.jpg]
[Image: from_photo24_02_2017_by_alexshiga-db0o4nx.jpg]
[Image: from_photo18_02_2017_by_alexshiga-db0o4pm.jpg]

RE: Alex's sketches! - Spolyk - 03-01-2017

Heya :)

On your 02.15 painting maybe you can put some highlights on the visage and on the neck to detach the charcater from the background. You also putted HL in the eyes :)

Great stuff BTW