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kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - kvSketch - 02-07-2017

Ey, I'm Kellon.  A young dewd trying to work towards being a dope old dewd. 

Here's some digital stuff.  The pink portrait is from imagination, and the rest are studies :I.  

About to hit the Art button.

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - Axrel - 02-08-2017

Cool stuff! Your studies are looking good. The portrait you did from imagination also looks awesome! Can't wait for more!

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - kvSketch - 02-09-2017

Some stuff from toda-yesterday?  I'll try not to post work that's older than 48 hours.  The paintings both aren't finished.  I work at a snails pace atm.  I still want to push the study to finish and the character to finish if you guys have any crits please feel free to share.  Note I haven't attacked either with texture or careful edge work yet :P.  Lastly, a little self portrait I did a while ago --breaking 48 rule already Wooooo.
(updated study, I don't wanna post it again D;)

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - Axrel - 02-09-2017

Good studies. As for the character design- the proportions and colors are looking good, but I think you could push the design a bit more. you could add more props, wear and tear in her clothes, a more dynamic facial expression, and anything else to add to her story. I assume she's an adventurer, but I'm sure you could add more to show what kind of places she may go, and so on. you could even create another page with her other belongings. Anyways, keep up the good work!

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - vennsomn - 02-10-2017

Hey, good start to your sketchbook! The first portrait has a very pleasing color scheme, but the values are a bit off, which is why all the textures look the same. It would be more realistic if you had painted the hair in a different value range. Otherwise great work though, just keep going!!

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - Artloader - 02-10-2017

Hey welcome to Crimson Daggers Kellon!

You've got some good skills already in my opinion. Your studies look pretty solid to me and so does your work from imagination.

Just something minor I noticed on the girl in the shorts - shouldn't the zip fly on her shorts be more in line with her navel?

Keep up the good work anyway :).

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - kvSketch - 02-11-2017

Artloader- Thanks :D means a lot man.  Man you're right, I made sure to fix that when I finished it up yesterday.  
Vennsomn- Yeah, I totally see that now *_*.  I'll try to keep that in mind in my future pieces.  Values are something I really need to work on :/.  
Axrel- You're totally right about the design.  I spent highschool just drawing naked people, so my visual library in terms of design/clothing is almost non existent.  Do you think my anatomy is strong enough, from what you've seen, to start working on that as well?  

Some digital stuff, I'm too lazy to post my pencil stuff, but I'll be sure to dump that here later haha.  Finished up the character :I.  Like Axrel said, it's quite dull, and I'm gonna try to push the design/idea further next time.  I have a piece from imagination that I doodled last night.  Lastly, a tree/environment study.  I'm embarrassingly bad at environments right now so bear with me.

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - vennsomn - 02-13-2017

Lmao I can relate to your environment issue so hard. Environments are honestly the devil, but without them your subject matter range is gonna be limited af. Gotta start studying that stuff too.. I'm really loving your imagination pieces, so pretty and full of color. Those reflected sunbeams on the girl's face make the atmospere extremely dreamy and I find it very cute. There could be more depth in terms of values, of course, but that will come as you practice more n more

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - kvSketch - 02-14-2017

vennsomm -thanks dewd, at least someone else feels the struggle too :P.  

Well here's some stuff from the last few days.  Unfortunately, less than usually because yesterday, while life drawing with friends, my vision started getting wonky.  Not even 15 minutes after that, I got a nasty migraine, so I had to take a break, which killed my soul :(.  I've been trying to be more loose with my sketches and focus on the ideas more.  That doesn't excuse the fact I need to improve my anatomy and faces more though :I.  I learned a lot from the still life even though it is pretty sloppy and bland.  Back to drawereririrng...

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - Artloader - 02-14-2017

You can add my name to the list of enviro strugglers too dude! Still - we can all get better :).

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - kvSketch - 02-17-2017

Artloader-Hell yes, to the improve-mobile !

Some stuff from the last two days, :S.  The imagination piece isn't finished.  I still want to adjust the colors on the trees and the light areas.  In addition, I'll probably add more contrast.  No posts because I'll keep saying i'll do it, but I just keep drawing/painting instead O:

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - vennsomn - 02-17-2017

damn I can already see some improvement. Nice job on the last portrait, the planes are awesomely simplified. The sketches are badass too, loving the defined forms. keep going!

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - kvSketch - 02-18-2017

Quick update on some stuff.  I'll batch all the pencil stuff together in the next one.  Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Back to painting   Wisecracker

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - Triggerpigking - 02-18-2017

Nice work dude, one small crit about the imagination piece the sword looks a bit short to be wielded that effectively as a weapon, also kinda weird that she'd have a full metal helmet but no armor but eh...who cares it looks cool anyway xD.

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - Fedodika - 02-19-2017

hmm good foundations in here my friend! you seem to be going through something a lot of people at your skill level go through (I only recently discovered I had the problem) I call it the "Dude standing there looking cool phase." Like where you draw some character just standing there with full color and a fully rendered background, but there's no story.

I think Dan warren or Dave Rapoza once said on a stream, "If your submission for our contest is a dude with all his muscles out just standing there, there's no way you're gonna win. We get it, you've learned anatomy, now tell us a story." Somethin like that...

If you wanna go more concept art, forget the backgrounds and just focus on design. If you want to go more illustration, keep doing what you're doing and focus more on *narrative*. Have a story in each piece, and make sure it's clear. Like this girl with a sword, like what if you saw that in real life? It's kinda like those photos on deviantart of people going out in the woods with a prop and posing for a stock photo. It'd have more narrative if she was like a very little girl with the same costume, and in a dramatic pose as if she were pretending to be some sort of warrior. And then the MOST narrative would take some planning beyond that.

(not tryin to be a dick, I must be getting bitter in my old age I keep saying that)

So here's my challenge, make an illustration that's cooler than a stock photo!

There are some inspiring poses in there, it's fun to take a pose, then add your own design that completely transforms it, then add your own background, and BAM illustration. hueheu

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - kvSketch - 02-21-2017

@Fedodika Thanks for taking the time to write that up :D.  I need to start thumb-nailing my illustrations, which I have for something new I'm working on ;).  I'm not really sure exactly what I want to do, honestly as far as eventually making money off this, probably anything I can get my grubby hands on.  I guess concept art and illustration are the main things, which I'd like to do both if possible.

@Triggerpigking I noticed that too after I posted it   Shock .  I'll be sure to fix that if I end up posting it anywhere outside here. In terms of the design, I can see your point.  I was just trying to be cool, you know?  haha.  Perhaps the helmet is cursed and it's stuck on her?  Not enough in the painting to imply that, so I'll work on that.  

Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,  some studies and character design.  I want to go more crazy on the next one.  They're really rough and just practicing palettes out for design.  Long way to go... The still life I had to cut at 2 hours because the jacket on my desk fell off  Sad ruined it.  I liked what I had going for the apple tho. Lastly a master stud very helpful.

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - kvSketch - 02-25-2017

Man its been a while, I was finishing up a client piece this week and it took forever because I have no idea what i'm doing :P.  Nothing really awesome to show off yet, but I plan to participate in this weeks Chow >:D.  I did some silhouettes last night because I've never done them before.  I don't really know "how to do them" but I tried.  I liked a few and gonna try and design them further.

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - kvSketch - 03-01-2017

Oh god it's March O___O, here is some stuff from the last two days.   Wisecracker
I decided to go outside my comfort zone and do some armor/knight stuff.  Maaaaan I wanna get better OX.  Not everything been working on the chow, but nothing is final yet, so I'm not gonna share anything quite yet.

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - Fedodika - 03-02-2017

hey nice work on that armor!

RE: kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd - kvSketch - 03-04-2017

@Fedodika Thanks man :D.  It's fkin hard lol.

Character I did this m0rning about 3 hours or so.  The values/form feels quite flat so I'm gonna try to do that better next time.  I've been trying this program called mischief and it's pretty much an infinite canvas, for anyone who hasn't heard of it.  I cropped part of mine.  I struggle doing line and anatomy studies with digital but it saves trees...I guess.  The export feature was a bit weird, so it only cropped about half of the stuff I did.  Anyway, back to drawererreiririnrrnrgggg.