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MoodDoodler's Doodle's and Sketchbook - MoodDoodler - 03-13-2017

I'm gonna start this off by posting a compilation of my favorite drawings from a life drawing class I joined last year.
I drew all these pieces with ordinary sketching pencils of varying hardness. I think 2B starting out and used a kneaded eraser for cleanup.

The man in the bottom corner (The Joker from the Killing Joke) and George Clooney were drawn from a picture. Everyone else was either a model in the class or someone participating.
[Image: 2ZXhF7l.jpg]
This one was the last piece I did before getting tied up by work and college. 

[Image: l4lsiqU.jpg]

RE: MoodDoodler's Doodle's and Sketchbook - Artloader - 03-15-2017

Hey nice start here MoodDoodler :).

I like the way you're using values and tones in your sketches - it gives a nice solid feel to your sketches.

I recently became aware of looking for the shadow shapes when I am sketching if you get the shadows right it can really give a piece a solid 3D feel. Check out Walent's sketchbook - he's a master at sketching in shadow shapes on figures:

Keep it going mate!