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Hello daggers - PaulWhite - 10-05-2017

Hello, haven't introduced yet so Paul here, guy from east Europe. I'll be posting studies, sketches and other stuff i do on my free time aside my full time job. Currently working in small mobile games studio, but it got monotonous doing assets day by day, so joined daggers, hoping to have great time here. 

Main goal is polishing fundamentals and getting that portfolio going. We will see what happens after few years :)

RE: Hello daggers - xelfereht - 10-05-2017

Hey Paul, nice to meet you
I'm Andrew, from Australia..
hope you have a great time here
sketchbook is looking off to a good start, i like the creepy bridge city and the wormy dude

RE: Hello daggers - Artloader - 10-08-2017

Welcome Paul :).

Good to see that you've got your sketchbook going already.

Polishing fundamentals is always worth while I reckon.

Keep posting and good luck with that portfolio!

RE: Hello daggers - neopatogen - 10-17-2017

Welcome Paul!
Daggers is a great place to learn fundamentals and applying it to personal pieces.
I have basically same goals as you atm.
Do you have some study plan?
Looked at your sketchbook, keep posting :)