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Momentary's Snapshots - Momentary Pixels - 09-07-2020

They say third time's a charm, so here goes...

I'll try to post more presentable stuff here in hopes of feedback.

Here's some sketches I did a while ago to challenge myself with more expressive brush work.

[Image: GYThfjZ.png]
[Image: fVOI4vv.png]
[Image: If7J56o.png]

RE: Momentary's Snapshots - xelfereht - 09-07-2020

these are good, the 3rd I like best, looks strongest graphically.
you can still bring out more interest in the light shapes and variance in detail size to give more interest and warrant the viewer giving it a longer look.

the brush works not bad but looks a little insecure and haphazard

RE: Momentary's Snapshots - Zorrentos - 09-07-2020

Quite nice work! Did you use reference for these or are they your own design?

RE: Momentary's Snapshots - Momentary Pixels - 09-08-2020

(09-07-2020, 02:20 PM)Zorrentos Wrote: Quite nice work! Did you use reference for these or are they your own design?

They were studies from the film Real Steel. If you search the names of each with "Real Steel" on google, you should be able to find the original poster refs.


A few more sketches, trying to apply what I learnt from the earlier 3.

[Image: OZE9pf4.png]

[Image: 2DVTnxd.jpg]

^^forgot the character was suppose to be pure whiteTongue
Thankfully Photoshop has these magical fix-everything buttons to save my life last minute...

RE: Momentary's Snapshots - Matheus Chastinet - 09-08-2020

Cool man! Maybe more time to think before doing any brush stoke will help you out being more assertive. Keep it up! Hope to see you here more often!