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Hello! My name is Max <: - Zyntic_Max - 03-10-2021

Hey guy´s,

hope you all doing good!

I want to introduce myself here and welcome you to look and critique me at my Sketchbook Thread.

My name ist Max and I´m from Berlin/Germany.
2010 I started to draw and paint serisouly to improve my skills.
2020 I took a break from drawing cause I drew to much without fun and it felt like a burnout.

But this break from drawing was the best thing that could happend to me.
So to take a break from something is not a negative thing guy´s.
It feels like my passion for drawing and painting is back and the best thing is I have fun again.

So I set myself some goals I will focus on.

- specialize in Character Design 2D
- specialize in creature Design  2D

Side skills

- Splash Art
- enviornement Design 2D/3D
- 3D skills

What will I do to archive my goal and improve my skills?

I will work on my portfolio and I need  your critique! :D

To improve my skills I will work on a "Art shedule" weekly basis.

-Anatomy fundamentals(full body)
-Gesture drawings
-clothing folds
-color and light studies (movie and other Artists)

Hope you will follow my journey, I try to post daily my progress on my sketchbook.