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hello - miraculor77 - 05-05-2021

hey guys

i found this place when i was looking around for somewhere to get proper feedback on my art; while instagram is cool and all, it's hard to get critiques there.

some quick things about me:
- 15 years old
- instagram username: _miraculor77_ -- follow me if you like my stuff
- kpop lover -- Nctzen, Army, Stay, but i listen to many more artists
- love coffee, matcha, chai, milk tea, green tea
- books <33 - The Mortal Instruments, Six of Crows Series, Maximum Ride Series, Legend Trilogy, and many more uwu

i'll be opening a sketchbook thread (is that what you call it) soon, and it would mean a lot to me if you could check it out. :) i'll only be posting new sketches, though, so it'll probably take me a while to get stuff on there.

hope to see you all around,

- mira

RE: hello - JosephCow - 05-05-2021

Welcome to the forum! Hope it will help with improvement