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:) - martinlacko - 06-27-2022

Guys is this like the old

[Image: SsnTpMf.jpg]

RE: :) - martinlacko - 06-27-2022

[Image: 5hQel1V.jpg]
[Image: QffVlma.jpg]
[Image: LKD3aUD.jpg]
[Image: 4dE9iCz.jpg]
[Image: BOtqA61.jpg]
[Image: WayS3kL.jpg]
[Image: RQLMLnh.jpg]

RE: :) - Kilillan - 06-27-2022

Wow I love your style.
What program/brush are you using?

RE: :) - one_two - 06-27-2022 is long gone. Nice stuff by the way.

RE: :) - RottenPocket - 06-27-2022

Yaaaas more like these please

RE: :) - darktiste - 06-27-2022

Great texture

RE: :) - martinlacko - 06-28-2022

Killian: I make my own texture brushes in Photoshop (which is pretty much the only software I use for everything, with occasional older versions of MsPaint), with the dual brush setting.
one_two: I know and I miss it, especially when I draw stuff like this oce in a while, I spent my teenage learning a lot on there.
RottenPocket: Here you go, I am attaching more pictures.
darktiste: Thanks!

[Image: vFkyfGU.jpg]
[Image: ShJz8RS.jpg]
[Image: 33RRCr3.jpg]
[Image: grdAY6p.jpg]
[Image: H58y5mC.jpg]
[Image: B0RcQeM.jpg][Image: T0v2H7L.jpg]
[Image: 0usp50d.jpg]

RE: :) - martinlacko - 06-29-2022

[Image: 0vc4vNG.jpg]
[Image: MjRpDEe.jpg]
[Image: yneD0Ph.jpg]

RE: :) - darktiste - 06-29-2022

Are you studying anthony jone stuff ?You remind me of is very experimental approch.

RE: :) - martinlacko - 06-29-2022

dakrtiste Nah, never heard of him. I don't really follow this stuff anymore since I was a kid. Pretty much the only guy I am still occasionally checking, from the field of commercial illustration/concept art, is Justin Sweet I guess, since his beautiful Icewind Dale portraits.

[Image: j06sEKo.jpg]
[Image: tzd6Aiq.jpg]
[Image: JheTm5r.jpg]
[Image: hjUjDwG.jpg]

RE: :) - darktiste - 06-29-2022

In that case he already doing alot of what you are doing i would recommend you check him out and i am pretty confident that everyone should find himself a mentor so having look around many years and watch countless number of tutorial i think he would be a natural mentor to you.He as a similar surealistic approch if i can describe both of your work as...

an other natural mentor to you could be master of fantasy frank franzetta.

I leave here a lenghtly video so you can a better idea of who anthony jone is and what he does.

RE: :) - RottenPocket - 06-29-2022

I'm more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of learner so I understand the not really following people or artists. Love to see that you make your own tools. I think you have really interesting story elements to these pieces even though they're very abstract - some forms make me think of older Sci fi and fantasy animations like fantastic planet and a few French Sci fi filmsI can't recall right now :-B

RE: :) - martinlacko - 06-29-2022

RottenPocket No I wasn't saying I don't have artists I follow or look upon, of course I do, but they would be from different fields I am interested in, like from all other kinds of illustration, from underground comics, from various fine art disciplines. Thanks for the story elements point out - although these pictures I posted was meant to be focused on the designs so not much story in them, but I did my fair share of comics and narrative is something I generally cherish very much in my paintings too.

darktiste Well Frazetta is long dead so kind of hard to follow nowadays, but Justin Sweet I mentioned can be described as sort of contemporary Frazetta

Now just to throw in something different and some color in, here is a work I did for local Vogue magazine

[Image: nNTFr00.jpg]
[Image: 1zTEGeT.jpg]
[Image: gH1dzYZ.jpg]
[Image: RVWlfT4.jpg]
[Image: 6qfBCQV.jpg]
[Image: 1FU713U.jpg]

RE: :) - RottenPocket - 06-29-2022

The flying by the seat of your pants is a nodd to that, you don't really pull from one focus you pull from many and not from one source.

RE: :) - martinlacko - 07-01-2022

Hey Skull_8 thanks! Can't believe you remember me from, it's been ages
RottenPocket Sorry for misunderstanding

[Image: 6iC58rb.jpg]
[Image: KsBhAol.jpg]
[Image: 0GC12nX.jpg]
[Image: uPE1x9S.jpg]
[Image: ka5D3KH.jpg]
[Image: UWvXdFO.jpg]
[Image: 6AP0h81.jpg]
[Image: ztPlN1t.jpg]
[Image: R0YYTvX.jpg]
[Image: e3EnPnw.jpg]

RE: :) - JosephCow - 07-01-2022

You have a really individual style of painting that is sort of horrifying, but in some of them weirdly cute. I really like the Dobby the house elf lookin one, second from bottom. I think he's cuuuuute for some reason.

RE: :) - one_two - 07-02-2022

Enjoy the contrasts you create and vibrance of the colors. Good potential.

RE: :) - cgmythology - 07-02-2022

Nice work here, really impressed by your texture and design work in particular, very unique!

RE: :) - martinlacko - 07-07-2022

Thank you cgmythology, thank you one_two and thank you JosephCow, he indeed does look like Dobby

[Image: lgawhTh.jpg]
[Image: PrcolBB.jpg]
[Image: kY4T1rr.jpg]

RE: :) - martinlacko - 07-07-2022

On the first flyer they wanted me to pretty much copy a picture from my old comics so it wasn't very creative work but I am happy with the titles, and for the second flyer I only did the creature illustrations, to credit the designer who did the typo layout, his name is Michal Veltrusky.

[Image: XWuXJhp.jpg]
[Image: G2Q0jAG.jpg]
[Image: Dodposk.jpg]
[Image: 2OrBmWX.jpg]
[Image: I3rV3Xt.jpg]
[Image: p7vFpyc.jpg]
[Image: zuQzIhf.jpg]
[Image: U6ruADd.jpg]
[Image: 7Vdw0xF.jpg]
[Image: 2v1tTWf.jpg]
[Image: 4Uttb7c.jpg]
[Image: uEVAK7k.jpg]
[Image: F6DwQHQ.jpg]
[Image: 1j3fKTP.jpg]
[Image: QK9UaiN.jpg]
[Image: m9W7T0c.jpg]
[Image: 0ogNjpr.jpg]