What dwells below (driving me bonkers!)
Lighting is partially determined by the geometry of the subjects in the painting. Right now I'm unsure what the monster's volume is like. Is his face very flat triangle, or is it in fact voluminous with layers and it's just the silhouette that happens to look triangular at this angle? I took liberty in guessing in this paint-over.

Also, I'm using higher contrast of black and white at the edges of areas I want to bring to interest, such as the left tentacle, the drools, the back of the knight's helmet, etc. When 2 objects are in strong contrast, they stand apart from each other, creating a feel of distance between them, then sense of space, and also grabs viewer's attention more. To achieve that, sometimes you have to darken out parts of your illustration that you might have planned, but now will not be seen in detail, or at all, in order to achieve better lighting and mood.

These are just my 2 cents... and strangely the jpeg I saved gets all washed out look, like the gamma is up-ed when I saved the JPEG. It didn't used to do that last Friday....

By chance I just got and started playing Dark Souls. It's really really hard... and the camera makes me want to hurl from motion sickness...


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