JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master!
Hey Jonny! Cool to see you making a new post! It seems like you have produced a lot of work! This is the kind of mileage that is required to really make progress with your art, so really great job there!

When it comes to lacking fundamentals, I think the saying "you are never quite ready" comes to mind. We never 100% master all the fundamentals, but at some point, we need to start producing work no matter what! The final, imaginative art piece is where we see where we are truly lacking and need to focus our effort. Don't fall into the trap of "over-studying" what you are already good at like I did! : )

I think your anatomical studies are looking great! You clearly understand the concept of thinking of the human figure in 3D and placing the facial features accordingly. What you should focus on right now is probably values and color, as well as painting finished pieces or backgrounds. This is an area where you are already making good progress, but a little more time spent here would probably lead to even more breakthroughs! Maybe you should even spend a bit of time learning the basics of blender so that you can block out buildings and such in 3D and paint over them?

Keep up the good work!  Thumbs_up


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