JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master!
@JonHop - cheers mate, and yes indeed I have fun! I love this pursuit! It gives me much enjoyment : )

I've been playing with my scanner a bit; was just scribbling at random while watching my daughter play and saw some nice shapes, doodled around them and scanned it to see how far I could take it - it was a tiny 5cm x 5cm scribble that turned into something nice!

[Image: ieGjLUr.jpg][Image: gMnGLmx.jpg]

I've always been apprehensive about rendering things like mountains, mine always looked like childrens drawings but something must've clicked in me recently as these are starting to take shape! There's a texture slapped on top, I'm not ready to attempt a hand-painted texture yet, although it's one of my goals.


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