JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master!
Been continuing with Figure Drawing for all it's Worth; here's what I've been up to:

[Image: IFfnrnw.jpg]
[Image: kKIOP6j.jpg]
[Image: CcZp9WQ.jpg]
[Image: B0RDp81.jpg]
[Image: YNq2tlo.jpg]
[Image: I3hYufF.jpg]
[Image: HLQWCrX.jpg]

All those illustrations are copied from the book; now I've reached this point with the mannikin frame I want to master it before I continue, here is some practice from reference pictures on the internet. I did them untimed to give me enough to get it down completely.

I struggle with the ribcage in any kind of 3/4 view, I just can't see it in 3d yet. Also the positioning and foreshortening of the pelvis discs. I like the curvy bones though.

And I'm having a lot of fun drawing these ~

[Image: tA2AmQj.jpg]
[Image: QOnGVGD.jpg]
[Image: cpOWDza.jpg]
[Image: GzrjDzk.jpg]
[Image: 8g1DLpQ.jpg]
[Image: PbAEYWa.jpg]

I've also been drawing manga, just for fun to do something easier than anatomy, I'll post up some of those at some point.


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