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(03-10-2016, 07:27 AM)John Wrote: I am biting off more than I can chew. It does sometimes feel like I'm attempting to knock down a wall of concrete with my fists just hoping to make a dent. I won't stop the master studies, but at the same time, you are right. I will dedicate some time on simple value studies and form. It's just frustrating. I just really want to get where I want to be fast!
I absolutely know that feeling, I have no patience for something that doesn't come easy to me and get frustrated a lot. Well, it's better now, but I used to absolutely hate anatomy, perspective and basic construction stuff, which in result made me stay way behing in those areas. I came to realize that sometimes it's just good to do some very small steps and have a shot term plan for improvements. Thinking ahead to the goal can make you forget that you have to make the journey first.

I think one very importan thing you should do is to analize. Just do some thinking and analize some photos and painting without actually even painting them. Think about values, how light works, do some color picking, and most importanly think about the form of objects and think in 3D - just imagine in your head how it would look from a different angle, you can even do a fast scribble.

Quote:I am actually watching your twitch stuff to get a better hold of the process! I am grateful that you shared your process! It just sucks that I have to wait every 5 seconds for it to load up haha! But hey, beggars can't be choosers!

Thanks for the advice!
I'm glad it can be helpful. I might upload some stuff to youtube, maybe it'll have a better transfer.


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