Soluxos' art journey
Hi people!
My name's Céline, I'm 17 years old and I'm an aspiring concept artist/ illustrator. I mostly do 2D art ut since I'm attending a game art study next schoolyear I'm going to dip my toes into 3D as well [:

This is my first time posting here. I discovered Crimson Dagger a long time ago but always forgot to upload my art :p Some of you might know me as The Night Knight at the Cubebrush forums.

Let's kick off this sketchbook with some studies and original art. Some are old, some are more recent.

Still life paintings

[Image: ja3UZHD.png][Image: KLphf9g.png][Image: aBec23u.png][Image: tFFWArf.png]

Random studies

[Image: 0bfmdsu.png]
[Image: QTbICGw.png]
[Image: C2HlnGE.png]
[Image: 3uuMHT1.png]
[Image: W9A6yYm.png]
[Image: evups4V.png]

Original art

[Image: UiQdRks.png]

Next schoolyear I'll be attending a game artist study. The first year is mostly focussed on 3D and since I'm more a 2D person, it's difficult to get used to the new software. But I'm going to close that skillgap this summer by setting up fun projects :D

[Image: QaegMQI.png]

[Image: gXfh594.png]
[Image: A4XTKfI.png]

Lysandra is the protagonist for my IP im developing. I still have lots to do but at least i made a first step. I'm planning to paint her too after some studies about metal, drapery and hair (: I have lots of design process for her to share, I'll do that in my next post.

[Image: KMdDrgU.png]

[Image: lX6WbFX.png]
[Image: LzIExzl.png]
[Image: GRLSZvE.png]

[Image: 0NnVjmI.png]
[Image: P07pBs2.png]

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