Developing a slick illustration workflow
Hi Artloader,
Your list is a good start, however, I think the first item is going to be a problem. 'Searching for inspiration' seems to be too nebulous and open-ended. Often, an illustration begins with a specific visual or conceptual problem that must be solved. The illustration itself is only created to meet the demands of these problems(e.g. what does the inside of a heart look like, while filled with blood or if an ice-breathing dragon fought a band of gnomes, what would it look like?). That means, that for the most part, the approach to composition, gesture, lighting, color etc. is driven by the initial problem itself.

I think that if you made the first part of your workflow as specific as possible, it would make all the subsequent steps much more manageable and efficient. For example, you could start with something like: Interpret a scene from an exciting novel, or Create a brief for an image to be used by Magic the Gathering for promotional art etc. These are just wild examples, but they immediately set you on a path towards a clear goal, and I think that is important if you want to consistently make finished work. Hope this helps.

"... for drawing is a thinking person's art." - Walt Stanchfield.

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