SH! It's Sketching Time.
Hey there,
All of these are done with an HB pencil on cheap scrap paper. (For rather stupid reasons I found the idea of working in a sketchbook really intimidating till recently) A lot of the thought behind these were just getting myself comfortable with drawing with a pencil, not erasing every single mark I make, and just really to try out some different things without any real pressure for them to be perfect.

I was going for a design that, while not exactly historically accurate, was at least practical.
Never attempted to draw an armoured figure in a pose and it really shows. As the sketch went on I abandon or forgot the idea and ended up added bits of the onion knight from Dark Souls. Really I should have at least looked at some reference while doing this.

Three individual studies from the same angle of a small wind up toy penguin. In a dimly lit room I thought "This thing's nice shape and will be an easy enough to shade". Only when I got it up to my work space and tried to light it did I realise it was actually quite reflective... Which made the process of rendering it quite a challenge. 
A lot of mistakes came from the movement of my head affecting the angle the light played off the toy. At first I also relied a lot on my wrist and small scribbled gestures to give it a sense of dimension. I was overall pretty content with the result, but thought it could be improved upon thus I opted to try one, and this time using the side of my pencil more.
Looking at the second attempt with fresh eyes I actually think it is probably much closer to my actual perspective of the object. and although at the time I didn't think it, I have to admit in a lot of ways this one is actually better than the first.
With the third one I tried to blow up the size of the toy to hopefully allow myself to work in more details, however I came to realise pretty quickly just how much I was relying on my wrist for these and I couldn't quite get the same precision as what I'd gotten before and got frustrated very quickly.
While I joke in my notes that I got steadily worse, really this was a pretty good learning experience.

I enjoy drawing hands and used to sketch them a lot in my late teens. With that being said it's been quite a long time since then and I am very out of practice. In that time I've gained a pretty bad habit where I'll start off with an angled position and at some point I'll find I started drawing a different potion (one more from memory). Which leads to every hand twisting into the same palm up position and the scale of my digits going all over the place.

Forced myself a little out of my comfort zone by using an ink pen to finish this sketch. Even though the index and middle finger are quite wonky I am pretty happy with the result.

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