I have a lot of questions about the basics of studying
Here how i personally see how the bare minimum art fundamental goes something like this :line making,spacial measuring,pattern making,box in perspective 1 2 3 point perspective,at this point you start to go your own way and start exploring certain fundamental more specialize to your goal.

For value&color the general rule would be to start learning how to do a grey scale on a flat surface than on a rounded surface.Don't think about color if you don't understand light and shadow(value).

I am not an expert on color but color study are more about color transition and accuracy of tone than anything else if i would have to guess.But a color study can have way more goal than just this but it would be a long thing to explain.Color is one of the most unique thing an artist can play with and make it is signature.

If your gesture feel stiff always try to avoid boxy shape try to play with cylinder and sphere but also remember that sometime it you who is stiff and you need to draw many gesture to get that thighness out of the way.So remember to relax and don't press to hard on your tool.You can do small circular motion in the air with your tool to express the idea of fluidity of movement so that you can translate it into your subcontinent .Do some circular motion with your wrist and shoulder and relax your neck.Breath slowly and fully through your mouth release the tension with every breath you exhale for 30 second before a drawing session.

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