Jeremy Gordon Sketchbook
I guess an introduction is in order: name's Jeremy, I'm a 22 year-old aspiring illustrator/concept artist. I'm planning to go to grad school in the Fall (2012) to study painting. I'll try to keep this thread updated as much as possible. Cheers!

[Image: 2-26b.jpg]

[Image: 2-26a.jpg]

[Image: 2-16a.jpg]

[Image: 2-11b.jpg]

[Image: 2-11a.jpg]

nice studies. digging the asian. i guess i have a thing for them lol.

Hey! Good start here. More still lifes! -- Go! Go!

Edit: Came back to post a thought I had as I was clicking "post reply" the first time. You may want to try dropping a perspective grid on your canvas from time to time even when you're studying. I think it would help out with your still lifes in getting those objects on the table.

There's some in this brush set that you can just drop straight onto your canvas easily and adjust by moving and transforming however you need to: (I believe they're in one of "[email protected]" Mathhias's sets.

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Thanks guys; I'll try that perspective trick out soon.
More stuff:

[Image: comp2.jpg]

[Image: comp1.jpg]

[Image: step1.jpg]

[Image: 2-27b.jpg]

[Image: 2-27a.jpg]

Good stuff bro! I only have one thing I want say about your comp. for the Windwaker challenge. I see what you are doing but there is no real connection to the viewer. All the characters are faced away from the viewer. I hope it helps you in some way.

The apple is awesome btw. :)

Thanks Mattias! I agree with you; I'll either have Ganon look back towards the viewer somewhat, or have Link looking toward the viewer (though he's pretty far away, so I don't know if that would work).

Tried to make Ganon have some kind of connection with the viewer:


[Image: WIP4.jpg]

Here's a much-needed update

[Image: plein_air_1_zps0953b00d.jpg]

[Image: 21_zps3dadfb3a.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-1_zps8a89b3ec.jpg]

[Image: long04_zpsfa1d9d6a.jpg]

[Image: long01_zps65859f0a.jpg]

[Image: 06_zpsca0934f8.jpg]

[Image: 07_zpsc0ec414d.jpg]

[Image: p12_zps42c1c657.jpg]

[Image: p09_zpsb64c504d.jpg]

[Image: 092u3_zpsa8cc5258.jpg]

[Image: 02_zps18eb83c4.jpg]

[Image: 03_zps5e515deb.jpg]

[Image: 04_zpsc2db1b5b.jpg]

[Image: p03_zps58d9148f.jpg]

[Image: p01_zps0a98d4cb.jpg]

Time to get active on here again! I'll start by posting some work from the past few months.

I realize I have "study sickness", and I think it stems from my inability to draw the figure as well as I'd like to be able. I know that's silly and is holding me back, so I'm going to try posting imaginative work every week too from here on out, whether it be just a character sketch or a finished illustration. I'd appreciate any feedback guys!

A couple more recent self portraits from a few months ago.

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The studies are looking solid to me. For feedback I'd say to do more personal work. You can learn a ton from studies but only a fraction compared to making your own stuff because you can notice where you're having trouble and what fundamentals need sharpening. Keep updating!
BenFlores - Thanks man! You're definitely right; so I've started work on a new piece.

Here are some studies for a new illustration. Going to have some thumbnails for it tomorrow; just needed to go ahead and study some aesthetics and materials first.

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Ohh what a nice start to a sketchbook
Great to see you utilising the critique given as well ^^ Keep up the hard work!
BjorkJT - Thanks, I will! : )

Here are some concept thumbnails. The character is the Absolus of Stone, a threatening and huge powerful rock creature with a feline-like body. I'm having trouble figuring out how to best make the stone look right, and I'm not sure if it looks threatening enough. Any feedback would be super helpful.

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Interesting sounding concept there. I would say the current texture doesn't look like rock much. Perhaps you should study some rocks from life or from photos to see how light interacts with their textures. As for how the creature itself looks, I personally would suggest making the eyes smaller, I think that would make it look a bit more intimidating.

StardustLarva- Thanks! Good advice. I will put it to use : )

Here's a flesh tone study

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Did another pass on the Ro'Kashh concept and some thumbnails for the illustration. (This is for the facebook Draw or Die group challenge).

Going to go with the second thumbnail I think. Any feedback is most welcome!

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Hi there Jeremy, nice sketchbook and sweet studies (ms pac-man machine man, I loved it)
I liked the second thumbnail too, but you can experiment with the scale though, for example changing the people in the foreground with a town or a keep suddenly will make the creature much bigger.
See you :)
P.S. thanx for the advice on values man, it is useful :)

Thanks AliceChopper! : ) Good advice! I'll probably just scale the people down a tad and add in a well or something.

Here's a couple studies from last week. The figures are all 90 second poses. I need to get faster.

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A flesh tone study and WIP of my Draw or Die challenge illustration. I'm leaving town for a couple weeks, so will update when I return.

As always, Any feedback is much appreciated : )

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I dont think the giant cat monster really reads well in that position. Maybe if the hind quarters were sticking out to the side. Or I think a good idea is the make it a more worms eye view so you can see the underside of the cat. It would push the scale of him up and give it a more dynamic look than a straight on shot.


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