I have a lot of questions about the basics of studying
Hi, I am new to this forum and am here to improve my art. I want to get a job as a professional artist for a small and/or indie game company or just do freelance work of some kind. That is more secondary to the fact I just want to improve my art as much as possible over the next couple years and onward.

I've been reading some of the forums around here to get an idea of what to do, and for the past week I've been practicing gesture drawing, and starting to construct 3D forms to help make my stuff look more realistic and less flat. I am new to this kind of studying though, and realized I had a lot of doubts and questions.

So here's a list of questions I came up with last night:

1. What order should I study topics in? (for example, gesture, then figure drawing, then anatomy, or all at once? Mainly I am unsure of how early to begin with values and colors as I feel like my lines and sketches are still lacking.)

2. How do you practice color theory? Just doing color studies from photos and life? How do I apply it to my own work to make sure I am actually learning something? Currently I just get confused with what colors to use for shading, highlights, bounced light, etc.

3. If I were to start doing color studies and value studies, should I draw the basic forms underneath first with a sketch or does that matter if it's not the main focus of my study?

4. I feel like the gesture drawings I have been doing are still stiff and lacking shapes and flow that Loomis' figures do. I'm not sure if this will get better by just drawing and not worrying about the outcome or if I need to spend more time on my lines and really THINK about what I'm doing. I'm also struggling with knowing if I should put a curved vs straight line and not just drawing contours of the figure. You can see my sketchbook on the sketchbook section of the forum "drifter93's sketchbook".

Thank you in advance!

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