I have a lot of questions about the basics of studying
(10-28-2019, 02:44 PM)chubby_cat Wrote: In terms of gesture, figure drawing, etc. I found Proko's Figure Drawing Fundamentals course to be very useful - https://www.proko.com/figure-drawing-fun...als-course - it breaks these things down step-by-step. You might find it useful as well since it basically gives you a road map on what order to approach things.

He also has a podcast with Marshall Vandruff that he puts up on his youtube too. It's a great listen to because they talk about a lot of topics like Pros and Cons of Studying Multiple Disciplines, Adopting Art Parents to Develop Your Style, What Are The Fundamentals, etc. So I would also suggest listening to those as background noise because they have some good tips you can pick up

Hope that helps

Thank you for the reply! I've been watching Proko's videos so far and they are very useful. I've also listened to some of the podcasts but I'll keep listening to them.

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