I have a lot of questions about the basics of studying
Hey ! I'll suggest to you some classes, most of them are not expensive because they are whiteout a teacher and are with a self-taught subscription. (I promise im not sponsored by schoolism hah)

1. Schoolism : Gesture Drawing , Expressive character design, then anatomy from Hampton and Scottt Eaton.
2. Schoolism has 2 great classes on the topic : Essentials of Realism  and the Craig Mullins class
3. It matters because form changes are what indicate the shift in value and colors, you don't need to have crazy detailed drawings, but correct drawings about overall volumes.

For learning how to draw form the "Foundation" gumroads are quite good.

If you are going to learn a 3d program please go with Blender, for the following reasons( and don't waste your time like me) :
- For illustration and concept art Blender can do absolutely everything you need.
- It has great community and 313113223123 tutorials, which means its way easier to pick it up ( I know from personal experience)
- Its free and if you go to a studio they wouldn't need to spend money on software, which in most cases they probably wouldn't.

As for Freelancing vs Studio, I personally suggest going to a studio first for 1-2 yrs at least. The reasons why is that it gives stability to continue working on art, you start to understand better how a projects are made and how the industry in general works.They will push you to work harder than the random gigs you would get at first . Starting with freelancing is waaay more stressing and if you don't have friends who live only from that to give you advice's, its gonna be really hard.

And my personal advice is : Be insanely careful about taking advice's from students who talk about how the industry works or what you need to do to make it. If those people do art, but still study or never worked,  they usually would tell you how they imagine things work, but would present it as a fact. This would cause you to lose a lot of time with BS.

Also never take advice's from people who start a sentence with  " Real artist's don't .... ", actually do the exact opposite of what they say and try it out (not joking at all) , chances are this would improve your skills.

I hope this helps

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