NSFW - Sup Doodles? Ganço's sketchbook [occasional doodles]
(01-18-2021, 03:02 AM)Zorrentos Wrote: Nice artworks! Very cool and dynamic! 
I had some minor suggestions for one of the images:

Thx, man! I must admit, --though the goal was feel more dynamic-- that previous piece was more of a-doodle-n-scribble-freely kind of finishing/inking. Hehehe.. But yeah, totally agree on your feedback, specially on the materials read (I'm a big Art Adams fan, and when I can and am up to I do focus more and get better results at materials read.)

As an example, I'm posting on PORTFOLIO/FINISHED WORK (<-link) a recent piece I finished and that has materials that --intend to-- read properly (very Art Adams influenced, heheh).


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