NSFW - Sup Doodles? Ganço's sketchbook [occasional doodles]
BTW, time to update my sketchbook. Yesterday I did several neck anatomy studies. Basically I made lots of very simple basis/blocks/3D construct drawing by observation (watching flix) +and filled each one with all the anatomic parts I was interested on better understanding: #clavicula #sternocleromastoid #trapezius #manubrium #mylohyoid #deltoids

[Image: YPgAP5S.jpg]
[Image: eznLeqh.jpg]
[Image: Sw7F6D8.jpg]
[Image: p96ME8R.jpg]
[Image: wm2tBqL.jpg]
[Image: WyVrwbC.jpg]
[Image: 2WTd1Ne.jpg]
[Image: 48eixim.jpg]


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