How to find (adult) art friends?
If you want a constent remind of how much you are behind visit everyday i don't think that exactly the best approch for the moral but if you need a kick in the butt it a good place to start.Ultimately the reality of being an artist is not alot of people are going to be willing to kick your butt and there certainly even a smaller chance that someone will sit by your side and make sure you do the work.It come down to how much you want it and much you are ready to take on those responsability and be disciplined.We for the most come from a school system that is constently kick were ass but when we are left to do the kicking wereself we have become really impotent in that for some of us.It one thing to want something it an other to do the sacrifice.If what you need is a structure you can go take art class but you might find them to be to rigid... having class mate to compare against is always nice but it also toxic to other.

If you want a feel of urgency learn to create deadline for yourself and consequence if you don't do x y z.But of course you are the one apply the punishment and you can end up miserable failling to meet your own expectation.

The only thing i can share with you about motivation is the longer your not doing the thing you want to do the harder it gonna be later on because of other responsability getting in the way.If your young your problem will mostly be discipline and if your old it going to probably be to find the motivation to find the time to do art.

Having clear intention is the key to sucess but the clearer it get the scarier it get because you are now in front of what you have to achieve and that can be scary.The problem is that people tend to be vague about there goal there lost exploring and that is normal to find what you like but it not necessarly constructive to achieving a clear direction.Some people treat there art journey as an adventure and some treat it as a career it depend what your seeking.

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