Yog Joshi's Sketchbook
[Image: fearandloathing_jan6th06.jpg]
"All these horrible realities began to dawn on me. "7hr study from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

[Image: fearandloathing_jan6thprocess.jpg]

[Image: fearandloathing02_09jan19th.jpg]
"What? No. We can't stop here. This is bat country. " 12 hr Study. ehh, should have spent more time with the drawing.

Great studies, love the second one.

(01-24-2012, 10:45 PM)Ste Flack Wrote: Great studies, love the second one.

thanks a lot sir!

Wow you improved so much so quickly. Awesome!
Great stuff man nice to see you post here

great strides of improvement. well done!!
Love your work! :)

thanks a lot guys! " )
So Here is a work from imagination. its still a work in progress. I dont work alot from memory and I will make an effort to do more.
[Image: madscientist02_jan29th.jpg]

cool man

Hey, I love the Fear and Loathing studies! On the imagination piece I would really play around with the specular reflections to make it super juicy. I'd also manipulate the form a little more to push some folds and creases, maybe even some marbling in the skin tone. Keep pushing!
@ brent thanks man!
@CoreyKLamb thanks dude. and thanks for the advice! I took it into consideration and then changed my route.
Day 97
[Image: figure_vilppu_jan31st.jpg]
[Image: doodle_vilppu_jan21st.jpg]
[Image: hands_personal_memory_feb10th.jpg]
Hand studies either done from memory(M) or life(P for Personal Hand)

[Image: madscientist03_jan29th.jpg]
Here is a touch up. At this point I decided that things werent working out so I figured he kinda looked like Dr.Zoidberg so I made some changes.

[Image: madscientist05_jan29th.jpg]
and a Dr.Zoidberg fan art iv been working on

Love everything in this thread so much.

Nice color study
and this pages are very elegant

Awesome sketchbook man!! Love the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas studies! The first thing that popped in my head when I seen it was "We can't stop here! This is bat country!" lol
Right on, Yogesh. loving the studies. keep it up!
XD Dr.Zoidberg!! :D

thanks soo much guys! @ Token, I like how you think! hahaha
2 More paintings I did today
[Image: ugh_guy_feb10th.jpg]
had fun with this one. just trying new techniques
[Image: lunatic_feb10th.jpg]
this one is titled "the lunatic is in my head" still unfinished. He kinda looks african which was not my intention so i might have to change it up.

Day 101
So Im deciding to make some changes to my 365 day challenge. Im going to attempt to make 100 sketches/paintings a week on any given subject I decide to choose. For this week it is Hands. I am a quarter of the way done! Damn hands!

[Image: day_101_by_yogfingers-d4pob3t.jpg]

Movie still study looks great!

Steve Anthony Pierce
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@ steve thanks man!
day 107
more hands!
[Image: hands+challenge_feb20th.jpg]

[Image: humancentipede_feb18th.jpg]
quicker study using only a soft brush. it was a fun experiment. ironically this study does not have any hands XD. gotta do some paintings of hands


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