Sleeping Poopy
Hello Daggers! I have had this image sit in limbo for almost six months now, unfinished. I still like the idea, but was just wondering if the image can still be resurrected or if I should just let it go. The idea is that sleeping beauty never got her prince until a couple millennia after the curse was placed upon her.

Rip it to shreds, my friends! :heart:

I'll upload the bigger file when I find it...
[Image: sleepingbeautypoop.jpg]

I think the light on her is a little too much. If the only light source is his headlamp then the light should be more focused on her face and the headlight should be a little brighter. Besides that, this is a really nice piece.
Hey Stace, I think your composition could do with a bit of work. Most of your focal points are closer to the edges of the image. I agree with the previous comment about lighting. I love the light on her at the moment, but it doesn't quite fit what you are trying to do.
Here's a Paintover: I cropped and jiggled them around in the frame. Something still bothers me about it, but I think it works better. Also added more impact to the lighting and enhanced the blues to give the feeling of cold and to contrast against her. I think it still maybe a bit too much because It still feels a bit overdone for me but the gist is there..hope that helps.

[Image: CrimsonDaggers_stace.jpg]

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This is a really great idea :) To be honest, if it's 6 months old, there's no point in building a house on iffy foundations. I reckon you should just do some new sketches of it, since the idea really has something behind it. I'd definitely throw in some more depth (not a great deal of overlapping, they feel like they exist in a 2d world) and storytelling -get a few other explorers in there too, maybe looking around the room like wtfff, and have her covered in dust/ice/shit etc

Really hope to see more of this :)
I love Sam's suggestion of having her covered in "dust/ice/shit"
Waho, thank you everyone for the feedback! I loved what each of you had to say and I'm convinced to just start the piece over. I think it'll be easier that way, hehe. Once again, thank you for taking the time to do this! :heart:


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