OK, i started the thundercats in Photoshop, i started to use Photoshop some months ago, before that i use to draw in Corel Painter, and before in Corel Photopaint, i discovered after seeing the amazing artwork of the Master Rapoza that i should try Photoshop, and i started, i go for my 10 draws in Photoshop i guess, and i completely love it, still i need to learn more from the Software. I've seen all the videos of Dave on youtube, i have a Genius G-pen 450 tablet, gess not the best, but it works for now.

Here is a video of the making of Panthro i have some other characters that i should upload in video too:

Here are the Characters from Thundercats i've made until the moment, i've started Lion-o, but i have made like 6 or 7 sketches and i still don't like, i discovered i love to do portraits, so i have the problem of doing a nice pose for the character, i would like to do a more dynamic pose or position, my characters sometimes are a little bit static, i would like to change that, anyone knows about some video tutorial or something about that? Critics are welcome...FL.

[Image: d4guswc]
[Image: slithe_by_flavioluccisano-d4i3i6u.jpg]
[Image: panthro_by_flavioluccisano-d4idl67.jpg]
[Image: mumm_ra_by_flavioluccisano-d4gs5bz.jpg]
[Image: cheetara_by_flavioluccisano-d4hlhw8.jpg]
[Image: wilykit_and_wilykat_by_flavioluccisano-d4jm8jl.jpg]
[Image: monkian_by_flavioluccisano-d4l5urz.jpg]

Here's Lion-O {02.05.2011]
[Image: lion_o_by_flavioluccisano-d4op6f6.jpg]
Everything changes, nothing remains constant.
Hey man ,

You have very nice render skills , as a general critic you have to study the fundamentals , the basics of human anatomy , proportion and perspective. You may not notice that because you kinda get away drawing faces but as soon as parts of the body appears they show your evident problems in drawing construction.

-Necks and arms with bad anatomy in general , wrong proportion for chest and arms on munra, perspective problems on wilykit belt , perspective problems in ssslithe head (too flat ) ,etc

I strongly recommend you 'Andrew Loomis' books , all his books but specially this one > "Figure Drawing for all it's Worth"
here on line >

but even better if you can get a real paper copy , is both in english and spanish and not difficult to find if you ask in your bookstore.

There you have all the hardcore basics that professionals use and if you combine that knowledge with the skills you already have im sure your progress will be very fast even if you have little free time to practise drawing.

I hope it helps :)
Yeah! i have that problem with perspective and proportions, but maybe i realize that after seeing the work finished a couple times lol, i'm reading the link you gave me! it will help me for sure! i will try to get the original book too, so cool you have recomended me this book! thank you!.
Everything changes, nothing remains constant.

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