I saw Jeremy Gordon dropped out. I'm sorry to here that. I was going to apply before but was too late as you already found your students. I'm hungry for mentoring to get me into shape for working!

I'm working on a portfolio primarily targeting small video game studios in Hong Kong. I'm giving myself 7 months to produce a portfolio before realistically deciding if I'm ready to apply. This class would be invaluable to me for obvious reasons and I would get straight on the first creature sketch assignment and send it ASAP and the character design man-hunter assignment for 12th October deadline!

My email is [email protected] and my work can be found in my signature.
Thanks, i'll be following your classes and Sickbrush's anyway! You are awesome for setting this up!

I was watching your stream and got pointed over here.
I'd greatly appreciate any help I could get.
Heres my DA in substitution for a proper portfolio.
Am I 3 years too late for this?
Well the OP hasn't been here in about 2 years so I would say yeah, you're a little late.

Yep, little late. No reason not to stick around though, if you keep an eye on the classes/mentoring section, good things like this keep popping up every once in a while ;) And in the meantime, there's tons of study groups, forum challenges and an immensely helpful and friendly community.

I seem to have some temporal issues with this forum:
"Welcome back, Numenor. You last visited: 11-20-2015, 05:38 PM"

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