Joe's sketchbook
So I should probably start one of these, eh?

[Image: tumblr_mbrh9cYCSF1rzshiso1_1280.jpg]

Had this idea the other day at school, so I finished it tonight.
I was actually surprised at not seeing this concept already. I did run a search for Victorian Plague Doctors, but all I got was Steampunk, which is not at all what I was looking for. Steampunk ≠ Victorian era.
I purposely stretched him out a bit to give him a more creepy feel.
About 2 hours. PSCS5
By the way, with anything and everything I post, feel free to critique the hell out of it. You won't hurt my feelings, trust me, and Lord knows I could use some getting-better.

Have a shitty Venom sketch!
[Image: tumblr_mcbyqvJTYM1rzshiso1_1280.jpg]
About the pose... I guess he's trying to lick his own elbow, or something?

[Image: tumblr_mcl6zrLB251rzshiso1_1280.jpg]
Just laying down some ideas for the poses on a commission I’m doing. These are Vraska and Jarad, from Magic: The Gathering. I am not familiar with these characters, or the game that much. I played it a bit with some friends, but these characters are new to me. Still, the Magic series has some badass artwork, so this is new territory for me.

Still drawing every day, still working on a commission. I did some color roughs tonight.
[Image: jarad.jpg]
[Image: vraska.jpg]
I think I like how Vraska looks more than I like Jarad.

Also, 15-second gestures.
[Image: gestures4.jpg]
As usual, critique is welcomed and appreciated.

I like those roughs in this last post. Remember to get around to (relevant) studies, and anatomy, fundamentals etc. they can be boring but are very important for improvement.

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Haven't posted in a bit. Been really busy. My baby girl is supposed to be here in about 4 weeks. We're so excited. :)

[Image: tumblr_mdjx47lUPu1rzshiso1_1280.jpg]
Need to break art block? Why not Zoidberg?

[Image: QwGMN.jpg?1]
That thou wouldst bring them only death,
That thou shouldst spareth none,
That thou shouldst pardon none,
We beseech thee, Sister, give them death.

Birthday sketch for my Marine sister and buddy, Flare.
Tried grayscale first, then overlay.
Still suck at overlay.

[Image: tumblr_mee3yrn3Pu1rzshiso1_1280.jpg]
Working on a sketch of Artorias, he of Dark Souls fame. I love that game, and Artorias is my favorite character thus far.

I haven't posted here in a while, but I'm still trying to draw every day. Go check out one of my sites for progress.
Here's what I did last night!
[Image: tumblr_n5liepCq8K1rzshiso1_1280.jpg]
Some quick concept art for my wife of the ruins that feature heavily in one of her books. :)
Trying to be more explorative of landscapes, since I have little experience/success with anything non-person.
On the other hand, check out that badass gesture on the left, there!

[Image: mass_effect_quick_sketch_by_grieverjoe-d9ned5s.jpg]
I really suck at keeping this updated. I'll try to be more diligent.
In the meantime, some atmospheric perspective training, using Mass Effect as inspiration.


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