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Wow Smrr - long time no see! Good to see you posting on here again :).

Nice updates - love the girl in the hood - very mysterious.

Looking forward to seeing more from you :).

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CD Sketchbook

I think you should apply the principle of area of interest and area of rest inside your character.The hatching make it very detail heavy it can be overwhelming to look at and figure out what is what.It might work on a blank background but in a scene you want to make sure the character doesn't blend with the detail of the background.

My Sketchbook
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Gliger - cheers man!

ArtLoader - hey man long time no see forreal! hope you've been well! thank you!

darktiste - took me a while to realise what you were critting but now I see - you mean for the character concepts! yeah you have a point there, though I like the hatching feel, I'll be more thoughtful with areas of rest -- I definitely wouldn't work a character this hard if it were in an illustration

here's a little update
things are gettin' a bit busy -- may be a while before an update, we'll see

I'm redoing this chick, she's apart of the dnd concepts above, so she's rendered but like. yeah. lol

redoing a portrait from earlier this year:

here's some old stuff -- just sketches, playing around, having fun, not caring about style -- haven't for a while actually. whatever happens, happens

couple quickish digi sketches from imag

and a commission I just finished

This is really nice

I think widowmaker has the similar issue to the DND guy i said his neck is jamming his head in. I think the finish on this is really nice, just her head breaks the whole image for me, she needs a longer neck and a smaller head with a smaller more feminine chin. Also take another look at her arm and hand, the fingers are half the size of the thumb and the arm just, just pretty goofy looking :D Specially where i think youre showing the wrist bone (ulnaris?) tilting into the carpal bones of the hand, its out way too far.

But even if its "old" its still good and if you fixed those things itd be great ;)

I can see in your work process with this, you arent fleshing out the skeleton of the image very precisely before adding details, and perhaps using the tools of digital to makeup for that, but thats gonna hurt you in the long run of the "ill fix it later" mentality. Ive learned that if im not saying golly this body and face i drew are incredible, id hate to ruin it with clothes! the body i drew isnt worth adding detail to.

your faces are really coming along and have a lot of personality but your anatomy is lagging behind and id reccomend you take some time and really sharpen that up or else youll run into the DND character problem. Work on locating major landmarks, like how proko would draw ribcage, spine, and the bucket for the hips, get that super tight and youre figures will hugely benefit! XXX <3

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
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