AMircea's sketchbook
@silverkeeper. Thank you. I iz trying. :)
@Sula, thanks. Yup, that's the plan, to kick ass (and check bubble gum) by the end. Still a very very long road ahead 'though.
@Kristina, thank you! I will finish them eventually, but don't know if I'll reach my deathline of two months because I tend to put more time than planed in each of them, which is not a bad thing because I learn some new stuff with it. BTW... you convinced me to do some of them lips studies also. :D

Continuing my never-ending portrait challenge...
I tried to play with a different style, more comic-book-ish, but failed miserably. I got depressed, but it was the good kind of depression because I've said I have to make it up in the next one. I have so much stuff to learn I feel like I've leveled up with what I've learned in this last piece.
First was around 5 god-awful hours, second about 6.



I've been traveling the last couple of weeks and didn't draw much. Good news is I've bought a new laptop and it's like a breeze of fresh air to not have to worry of all the evil in the world turning against you through the means of a lousy computer. No more instant resetting every couple of hours, no more heating up, slow processing or freezing and I'm finally able to listen to music while having Photoshop on (yay!!!). Eve music on youtube! (Yeah babyyy! *use Austin Powers voice*). Took me two days to set everything up and clean and sort my old one, but glad it's over so no more wasting time from now.

Portrait, about 4 hours-ish. Playing with the patters on the t-shirt was time consuming but interesting. The dreads are very hard to draw. I must do a separate study for them in the future to get them right. I'm actually thinking of getting myself dreads next year so it's definitely important. :D

The tomato, about 10 minutes. :D It was done as a joke, supposed to be for a logo to my sister's healthy cooking site, I told her to make it more like "tales from the crypt", hence the logo. Still trying to convince her it's a gold idea...

Woo! I see me haha :3
Those water studies, hand and particularly feet studies are fantastic! You definitely seem to know what to study and how to apply it.
Keep up the good work, you're going to improve for sure by the end of the year with all this hard work!
P.s. still can't wait to see the final collection of your portrait challenge ^^

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Thanks a lot @smrrfette! I know I'll improve by the end of the year but in reality I'm been slacking of quite a lot so far. I need to get my game together if I want to make the improvement worthwhile.

Some very lame attempts to do some hovercraft environments. Realized I have to study a lot of things before I can take stuff like this full on, so I gave up fairly quickly.
Also 3 new portraits. Each around 3 hour-ish. Need to do eye studies. Lots.

1. Some concept stuff for a freelance job I failed to get.
2. For a character design contest. I've done it in the last day before the deadline. :D You can vote for it here if you wanna help me out (click on the little heart icon): . Thanks!

What's up everybody? Did you miss me? Of course not, you have no idea who I am, and those that do, I'm sure you had better things to do. But that's ok, I still love you! :D

So, I have some wonderful news and really really sucky bad news.

The really really sucky bad news... I haven't drew anything, and I really mean anything, since my last post, around a year ago. That's tragic, I know. Worst that tragic. I started travelling as a backpacker and didn't carry my tablet (cintiq 12) with me. I tried to buy a small intuos along the way but somehow didn't have the chance for whatever reason... I wasn't expecting to stay without one longer that 2-3 months but somehow it happened. Shame on me...

Fast forward around a year later, enter the wonderful news: I bought a mother fuckin Cintiq Companion. :D For those that read/watched the reviews, and know how awesome it is, let me tell you it is beyond awesome. I love her. I wanna sleep with her, make her babies, take her to Paris for our honey moon and buy her kinky accessories kind of love. (*cough* yes, it's a she *cough*). So this marks the beginning of a new era, one that I start drawing again. I'll do my best to draw and post as much as I can again. It sucks to see people around the same level as me kicking major butt now while I'm at the exact same level, but I'll catch up. :)

So, long story short, here's the first painting, a colour study plus a 'getting used' to my cintiq for a better workflow 'study'. Around 3 hours-ish. Used a Suicide Girls photo for reference:

2 value/light studies + a bit of anatomy. Around 1.5 h each.


Hey, good to see you back at it after an entire year. If I can point something out, the measurements on proportions are a bit off. I'd say focus some more on the drawing phase and the rendering will be even easier. Keep this updated!
Cool stuff man. That sucks about the no drawing for a year. On the bright side I'll bet you have tons of inspiration from your journeys :)

@BenFlores, thanks, good to be back. Can you be more specific, what proportion do you think are off? If you mean the forearm, that was intentional, to go along with the claw-like fingers. I know the bent fingers on the right hand are smaller than they should be... Thanks. I've attached a preview with how I drew it.

@Hypnagogic_Haze, yeah, it does suck. I see so many artists leveling up like crazy in this time, it's hard to cope I'm at the same level, if not worse for loosing practice. Oh well, there's only one solution to catch up... :) You're right that my journey was, and still is, very inspiring.

Update: some game-ish avatar portraits of a few friends. I plan to do more of them. My secret plan is to draw one for all my facebook friends, but realistically I plan to do 100, one per day. BTW, my fb id is , if anyone wants to follow me there.

Bravo for giving yourself the challenge of doing 100 portraits in 2 months! I like the variety you have in your environment thumbnails. I for one cannot even come up with 1 environment worth poop. Keep going man!

@meat, if you are referring to my old 100 portraits challenge, sorry to disappoint but I failed miserably on it. I stopped after about 10. If you are referring the new one, it doesn't have a deadline, I just do one whenever I get the chance. About the thumbs, some are drawn from imagination, but some are inspired from photos or other artist's work. I did them more as composition studies.

Update: 2 new portraits. Color study + experimented with new brushes. I put a bit more time in them... I didn't look at the clock but around 2-3 hours I guess. Hardly possible to do one every day as planned but I try to do one whenever I get the chance.

Hey, really nice looking stuff! I'm loving that last guy's beard in particular, that has a sweet texture to it. Your rendering/painting is good, I'd suggest you focus more on construction and fundamentals, make sure your preliminary sketches are as accurate as possible and that will help improve the proportions of your finished paintings. I'd suggest you could push light a bit more as well. Keep working! : )


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