Weekly Art Challenge #2: Scifi - Superhero Robot
I hope to have more then 1 participant this week Blushing

2072 AD, the world has become a dark place. Infested with crime the streets aren't safe.
Desperate to make the world a better place, scientists all over the world start building robots.
Modeled after their favorite superhero from when they were young they hope to strike fear into criminals hearts and hope into the people's lives.
The world shall be a better place, like it should be, with these vigilantes on the lookout.

Desgin a robot / mech which looks like a superhero of the comicbooks of today.
Either try to show it visually or by a building plan to show it's capabilities.
Any superhero is allowed: Marvel, DC, ...
Let your creativity go loose.

1) Color or black and white, both are allowed
2) Both traditional and digital mediums are allowed
3) Image size can not be too big, nor too small
4) New images only, no old work
5) Take your time for your artwork
6) Get creative but your piece must show some indication of how you followed the theme
7) Have fun!

None, you can post these as long as you wish as this is not competitive (yet).
I love that you started a weekly challenge. Remember you're competing with so many other weekly challenge type deals all over the net as well, so don't be disheartened on participation. I say the best way to get participants is with interesting topics that stimulate people's juices to want to paint. This one is a nice take on superheros so you got me interested on a topic which I personally tend to find really boring. Not saying I'll actually come up with anything because of bloodsports as well, but keep up the challenge!

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Thanks for the support monkeybread!
Really appreciated!
Hi! looks like in the first one to submit :) my super hero is wolverine ~ simply because he is badass and i like him! xD here's my take, the robot wolverine!

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Awesome Weihuaix!
I watched a small part of your stream when you were creating this ^^, didn't realize it was for this challenge :p

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