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(12-23-2020, 11:05 AM)tchangchang Wrote: Thanks for that poem it is amazing! I need to hang that on my wall or something for when I feel like quitting or am just tired. Its really inpiring to see how much you're grinding for someone like me who's trying to get back into serious art study. If you don't mind me asking are there any specific resources/tutorials you're using to try and get better, or are you just self directing your studies? Awesome work so far, keep it up!

Hey thanks. To answer ur question, i think is all about just looking at yourself honestly and ask what do you suck at the most and pair it with.. what do you wanna do with your art at that moment. Thats how I decide what to study, right now I really wanna get better at stylized art, im a bit tired of the 100% realistic stuff.  Also i suck at hands.. really suck at it haha so I'll draw some hands everyday.  I wanna try to do comics.. i need to be able to draw hands well to make comics..  therefore the more reason to study some damn hands haha.

Nice, that seems like a very pragmatic approach. You have the end goal in sight and are trying to pursue the steps necessary to get there. I'm still at a point where I'm trying to figure out my end goal is. Once I do that I hope I can become a lot more focused/intentional about my own studies.

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I really like what I'm seeing with your stylized drawings! Your hands and anatomy drawings looks like they are improving nicely!

I hope its ok for me to make a small crit regarding your female faces (like on the color Adidas girl). They look a little bit masculine to me. I can't exactly pinpoint the exact reason why this is but I think it might be because of the way the corner of the jaw (under the ear) is a bit too angular, or the cheek bone on some of them is large also (the Adidas girl's should are also a bit wider than her hips, which takes away from her femininity). The mouths feel a little bit low to me too, usually the top lip line is closer to the nose than to the bottom of the chin.

This is just my opinion of course, I know this stuff depends on your style, personal preference, and what you are aiming for in the piece. Please don't take it negatively, I just hope it helps in some small way :)

Keep up the great work!
You have a great style! Great to see you tackling anatomy and coming up with some pretty cool characters and designs in the process. Keep it up!

The stylized work you've posted recently is really looking great! I think with just a bit more studying of anatomy and posing, you can push your artwork to a whole new level!

Keep up the good work!

Hey Jeso, nice going in here, I like the way you draw your forms nice and solid.  Also I like the confident lines in your stylized pieces.

If I may, I have a very small anatomy critique on your "protein" piece if that's OK.  I realise that this piece is heavily stylized so you may not be too worried about this but the brachioradialis muscle actually originates from behind the brachialis and not in-front - I've done a quick overpaint to illustrate my point:

And here's an anatomy link for you:

Hope this helps, but if not please feel free to ignore - but in either case, I wish you well :).

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Nice line work and characters. Love that your mixing super exaggerated muscles and cartoony characters with more traditional studies and concepts. Your gestures are very fluid and natural looking.

Anywho — no critz for now - just encouragement to keep up the great work!


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Hey man! Great work, really like the linework and all the studies. I tried thinking of something useful to say, but couldn't really find anything haha
The latest digital studies could benefit from some stronger outlines and silhouettes maybe, get stronger focal points, but I don't know..
Anyway cool stuff, looking forward to following your progress!

Thanks mate.

some painting practice, just pure shit.

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