Try again fail better
Awesome work sker! Those studies are looking better and better. I love the memory application in the last on you did, I think stuff like that is really gonna help! Keep it up !

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thanks matt..

here is a sketch and a wip..
i think i figured out how to color grayscale..
i will post more imagination stuff for now on...

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hey.. time to post some work from this week...
lost my motivation at the start of the week.. don't know why.. didn't paint much..
this studies look like sh....:)) i save them very small..



the last one is a wip.. but i don't think i will finish it..
worked about 1 day and a half on it..

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It has been a long time since my last post here..
I left the forum because it was too much of a distraction from work..
too much looking around..:D
I like the idea of sharing your progress, every day.. but it's not for me..

here are some of the illustrations i did in this 6 months .. from 1st, the biggest fail, to the last one which i finished this Monday..(i have a lot more fails, but i won't post all of them..)

and some sketches..:D

some 2014 gestures

Just comparing this stuff to page 1 and Im amazed! Youve progressed a ton! I esp like the girl with the staff. As I am still struggling with using digital tools I hope I can improve as much you did as well.

Now that's a lot of creepy and imaginative stuff in here! Very cool and slightly disturbing O_O

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Nixe stuff you got going here, keep it up!

Big Grin 
didn't post here for a looong time..
here are some sketches and stuff...

I really love those portraits! Amazing colors
Keep posting, really!

Welcome back! I love what you’re doing with skin tones in those portraits, all that warm-and-cold going on there :)

Robot painting is cool too!

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Love the minimalist heads with the slight gradation, super nice work, keep it up!


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