McLean's Endless Summer
That hovering fox sure looks awesome, I totally dig the mitchmatching of stuffs. By the way, gratz on getting into massive black man! ;)

Thanks Suira!

Long time no update!! So in the almost 2 years!!!!! since I last updated, I've been really trying to hammer out a satisfying story. When I posted the last WIP group shot I thought I had a pretty broad strokes summary of what it was all about, but it's taken me a long time to really narrow down what my direction was (it has changed several times), and to actually make something out of all that blue sky. I'm putting a link to the rough layouts and dialogue for the first chapter of a comic starring these characters. The art is SO rough, that in some panels you may have to infer what you're looking at through the dialogue. Hopefully if the dialogue is doing its job, it should all be pretty clear even so.


And here's a quick shot of me trying to learn sketchup to construct sets. My hope is that if i build out enough of the recurring sets, that this will actually save a lot of time. I've yet to determine what the final art style is, but i'm pretty sure that the characters will be lineart with basic cell shaded values.

As always, thanks for looking!

Hey all, I've been fooling around with teaser images, I got excited about this one so I'm putting it up. Eventually I'll put it on FB and twitter and stuff, but I feel like this thread deserves to get everything first :P

Lookin good McLean. Glad to see you're still working on this project.
thanks Dennis! (bit of a belated reply, i know) 

Anyway, I've rewritten the story several times and haven't had much to show, but now I've begun churning creating real-ass final art for this story. It's surreal, and it takes for fucking ever. There's a lot I feel like I got wrong in these, but I feel like I gotta just move forward. Learning lots!


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