Aegis Project
I´m so excited about this challenge :) this is going to be real fun!

I present you my project for this challenge, a comic book called:

This story takes place at some point in the future, in a far away planet, whose inhabitants call Asherah.

When the story starts there is bloody civil war going on, between the United Asheran Federation (the successor state of the colonia era) and the r New Republic of Asherah. A highly militarized, spartan like state in the north who rebelled against the federation 50 years ago.

more to come!

Whoa I like that :p

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Looking good!

Can't wait to see more!

My sketchbook
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Just some initial concepts, so much stuff to think about...

Oh sweet. Is this a one off or a planned series? Working on a comic myself as well....such a cool process...I'd be real interested to hear your experiences and hard lessons as you develop this. :)

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i love the icons in this! also wonder what happened to the comic thread....

Monkeybread: thanks mate! i planned this as an epic but short story, with a limited amount of characters. If it were a tv show, it would have around 15 episodes. Also, i didnt know you where doing a comic too, i really would like to see it.

Yololex: thanks! there is a comic thread? i had no idea :S

And now today update, the last concept was kinda random and half assed so i took more time to do this new character concept.
She is Elaine, rival/heroine of the show.
Bearer of the Aegys system Type: Athena. There is only two Aegys, the other is the Type:Zeus

That's looking sweeet !

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
-Lao Tzu

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Hey man, yeah I've put it on hold for a bit due to Heathen. I decided to go real short...20+ page one off short story. I've worked on other books for mates and, man, it's an intense process the first time round so I wanted to keep it simple.
Anyway the thread was started by Gangstershit, here:
We haven't posted in ages...but if you wanted to post stuff in there I'd definitely be reading it and giving feedback etc :D

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Heavenwill: thanks mate! :)

monkeybread: i agree, the amount of work is certainly scary, its like a giant puzzle.
Also, thanks for the link! maybe we could revive the thread once this summerpitch is over. :)

And here it comes, the second concept for Aegis.
This one is Bridget/Biddy. Gerard (the protagonist) little sister.
As you can see she lost a limb years ago, i´m not going to give you more details for now, since that is part of the story.

Update time! first of all, let me tell you. Dont let deviantart fool you, doing this anime thing is much more difficult than it seems.
So i did this fake Soundtrack cover to start testing how i´m going to do this thing.
I will probably go with animation like characters and painted backgrounds.

Using photoshop to do the initial sketch and the backgrounds, and Paint tool SAI for the lineart.
The lineart is also the thing that troubles me the most, it is so difficult to achieve a clean look, even with that fancy stabilizer.
Well, it cant be helped, better to keep practicing. :)


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