Marjorie's sketches
hi! do you have any work that you consider finished or close to be?

@james Thanks man ^-^

@masamuneDS yup i do. mostly i post finished stuff here and on DA, tumblr, and all that jazz... i'll try to post more finished work, in the future though.

Heres some stuff done in streams and in the hangouts.
thanks for lookin'

[Image: x8SEQIQl.jpg]

[Image: ZtaJhJxl.jpg]

Hey Marjorie, really nice sketchbook here!
I thought your work looked familiar, it turns out that I also follow you on DA

haha! really? small world xD
Thanks man!!

[Image: xQ4x4OAl.jpg]

[Image: 1A3QTfll.jpg]

[Image: y4MAtqw.jpg]

Nice sketchbook, love all the effort you display here. :) Keep practicing, I'll be watching!

Wish I had something useful to say but you are waaaay ahead of me. ^^; LOL

"Drawing is a skill like hammering a nail. You might not be great at it yet, but there is nothing stopping you from gettin' down and hammering away." -Irshad Karim

great faces ! can you suggest any way to improve at them? especially from imagination?
looks to me you rushed at the still life. how long did it took?

thanks guys ^^

as far as heads from imagination try studying the Loomis method of heads and also drawing people from photos, life, etc. etc. once you got that down a bit close everything i do it from the top of your head and slowly over time your visual library will build up and it will be easier to pull faces from when drawing.

not real tips per say, but ya. gotta keep hitting walls and returning to heads/ faces  and asking your self what are you doing wrong and where do you need improvement.
hope that helps ya.

also apologies for the lateness of the reply feel free to note me if you need help in the future ^^

[Image: P3mX1KB.jpg]

[Image: 2gDaI6l.jpg]

[Image: heQpu6J.jpg]

[Image: mcBdG9y.jpg]

[Image: q23igdp.jpg]

[Image: 4nVL5gA.jpg]

[Image: e7shRmJ.jpg]

[Image: zUnKh6z.jpg]

[Image: hdBEHeTl.jpg]

[Image: EEJapGGl.jpg]

Whoa! That album cover came out looking bad ass Marj!

more to come. soon.
but for now here a new personal piece.

[Image: ptAprqc.jpg]

[Image: 3nsbii2.gif]

Nice! Is that Bran Stark?

@Marj Cool Bran!

Weird ad D:

skeeetchdump time
long time guys X_X

[Image: oKNbKAhl.jpg]

[Image: I12QZ4Ll.gif]

[Image: Qg1xIzwl.jpg]

[Image: ZAPSvSEl.jpg]

Hey there! :D That's some sweet improvement right there. Bran's right hand needs some little work on it (nails?), especially because it's the brightest object in the image. On the other hand, that mindblowned skully-mystic-nirvana-coming guy is totally awesome. ;) Keep it up, of course and cheers.

Why do you complain of your fate when you could so easily change it?
its been a while hows you guys?

[Image: uK6Y2wDl.jpg]

[Image: puB6OBCl.jpg]

[Image: HD6WLvgl.jpg]

[Image: flLOkGKl.png]

[Image: kEkurbOl.png]

[Image: fQiwJDJl.jpg]

[Image: iCU5mixl.jpg]

[Image: Vfhiasml.jpg]

[Image: XKdGJvc.jpg]

[Image: lZgC2a3l.jpg]

that banner/shield makes me think of the middle ages and of samurai masks, looks pretty heavy duty xD as does everything else


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