Sprayah: Slaying goblins and trolls and dragons...
Hey Daggers

Firstly I want to explain the title of my finished work thread. Slaying goblins to me is completing the every day mundane shit that needs to be done for us to function, it also applies to doing studies and client work. Trolls are the more complex tasks that combined with goblins may swamp your time and resources. Whilst dragons are those fleeting moments where everything comes together and you get to put your energies into creating something epic.

Basically this fantasy themed motivational theory helps me prioritise the tasks and make decisive slashes at whatever beast looms before me. If it’s not finished, it’s not “slain” therefore will very likely come back and bite you in the ass.

OK speaking of finished here is a Conan comic cover I did over the weekend for a dark horse comics competition:

[Image: SPRAYAHdotCOM_Conan_Cover_titles_LoRes.jpg]
[Image: ConanCover_working.jpg]

Your thoughts and tips are welcome, but just to state the obvious the titles are low res guides because I needed to factor them in but I wouldn't be the one to lay them out on the finished cover...

Nice piece. The only thing that's hurting it is the low rez graphics you tacked on. Either leave it out or take it seriously. It leaves a bad impression to see a half assed element.

I agree with the comment above. But otherwise, nice piece!

I remember seeing this on the stream. I can't really add much that he didn't say already, but nice work and I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll post next. :)

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