Artificial Selection (Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Futurist Design Project)
I'm new. Introduction post here. This is my summer project.

What is it?
This project of mine is my attempt to improve my ability to create designs and character art through categorical worldbuilding. I already have a large design document to work off of, but that is for my eyes now and yours when I translate it into digital media. It is, essentially, a science fiction fantasy setting in a plausible future Earth. I want to explore building the world's meaningful aesthetics and in doing so create a strong portfolio, and perhaps if ambitions are met, to use the project to lure in other creatives and make something more out of it.

What goals am I aiming for?
What I hope to accomplish in pushing myself may change as I move through it, but my initial expectations for myself are to put out some kind of material study every day, as well as one or two smaller character or prop studies. Every week I want to create at least a single character rendered out to completion using what I've learned. Every week I want my subject matter to change, from robotics to soldiers to showcasing pieces of technology unique to the world I'm working in. By the end I hope to create a fully realized design aesthetic with a number of pieces to work from.

When am I starting?
I'm going to start my initial studies on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014. From then I'm going to do some preliminary material studies to work with. My full commitment will start Sunday, April 6th, 2014, with every project week running a Sunday-to-Saturday course. I may take a few days off or slow down work a few days, however, as this year two of the debaters I coach qualified to go to the NFL (National Forensics League) National Tournament, and I'm going to need to provide myself as a resource for their success. Fortunately, I don't expect it to disrupt my ability to work on this project too terribly much.

What do I want from the Crimson Daggers community?
Your support. I want you to hold me to my commitments. I want you to tell me what I'm doing wrong in my art so I can improve. I want you to see what I'm doing and maybe even let it help you move forward with your own work. I want to become a part of this community that I've seen give so much to friends of mine. I work best when things are expected of me, and upholding an obligation to this community is going to be the strongest impetus for me to improve over the summer when I'd be too easily distracted from a convenient frisbee golf park, video game releases and general lethargy and complacency. What I want from this community is for you to hold me to my word. So for now, I'm going to gather up some grit and buckle down on art like I haven't before.

Nutrientibus Mea Braca (dA)
Sounds like a great idea! Cyberpunk is one of my favorite genres. Cant wait to see what you come up with.

(04-02-2014, 11:42 PM)Hypnagogic_Haze Wrote: Sounds like a great idea! Cyberpunk is one of my favorite genres. Cant wait to see what you come up with.

Thank you! I will gradually move into it as I get a few starting studies down to help me understand how certain materials interact with light and color, but hopefully by this time next week I'll have some nice sci-fi stuff knocked out.

Day 4-3-14 studies and dexterity exercises

Day 4-4-14 studies and dexterity exercises

Day 4-5-14 studies and dexterity exercises

I'm going to spend the rest of my time awake today toying with how I'm going to approach the project as well as searching out photographs to use as reference.

Nutrientibus Mea Braca (dA)
This week my design goal will be to work on robotics. I will post my week 4-6-14 to 4-12-14 studies and practice on this post.

4-6-14 studies and dexterity exercises / 4-6-14 design work
4-7-14 studies and dexterity exercises / 4-7-14 design work

Nutrientibus Mea Braca (dA)
Turns out I might be homeless. 15 hour work days are the only way to stop that. Fun.

Nutrientibus Mea Braca (dA)
Stick through it, save up as much as possible while avoiding homelessness, and look for a way out while you're in it.


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