CRIMSON CHOW #1 - The Crimson Daggers WIP
Urghghghgh so many good entries. Shits gonna be tiiightttt!

Made it a little less assassins creed...

Please send crits to Unit 3, 5 Struggle St, Artville

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Hey guys heres my take at it so far

thanks for any crits i will post my cretics on others works after this post
thank you

ian, i like how your armor has a aquatic feel.

marina, i like your clean shiloutes there easy reads great work so far.

jaik i think me and you both suffer from silhouettes that arent refined enough, i like your motif but
i think your draper takes away from your face design and that back piece.

good luck to you all i will upload progress during lunch.

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I registered here in 2011 and posted so few times since then I think my account actually ceased to exist -derp- so new user.

First time I heard the Crimson Daggers sounded like a shady band of dagger throwing goblin assassin's posing as jesters and jugglers that work distracting small crowds while murdering some poor bastard in a nearby alley... so I'm glad the description fits cause I'm doing that.
Anyways I'm late and probably won't finish it, so for colors I might just drop some good old cheap red accents :v

I see some badass work around here, I'll try and drop some comments later today ;)

Awesome stuff guys!
Figured I'd go with a dwarf / gnome dude (not sure which he looks more like)
He wields a crimson dagger, the only one in the land, and thus earned the name the Crimson Dagger.

Perhaps it was crafted in the mountains using Dragon Stone, one of the rarest minerals of the ground. This is what I'm thinking of in the beginning.

[Image: crimsondaggergnome02_zpsa5f1766e.jpg]

Dayum peoples! Some inspiring entries, keep up the hard work! :D

Update on mine, I discovered that partial, abritrary ilumination can do a lot for your paintings, anyway, first step into color:

[Image: ChowPaintingcolor1.jpg]

Final character design, first colour pass, want to render it a lot more, thinking about making a character turnaround and illustration, would be good for the portfolio, would only submit the illustration though, if I actually make it.
Crits welcomed!

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Sketchbook | Deviantart | Blog

"The difficulties of not knowing are much greater than the effort of learning"
[Image: 140829114537299727.jpg]
This is where I am so far. I think I will refine it a bit in the last days :)
Hi. Cool stuff everyone!) Rendered a little bit my punky dude:

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What's up guys, I haven't had much time to work on this, but here's a few sketches I put together. I hope I can finish in time!

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Wow so much cool stuff and diversity! Sadly there's no way i'll be finishing anything this round but here's some sketches. Went a bit off the wall with the designs to try and get something different. Gonna make a stronger effort for next round though.

heres and updated love where everyones taking this.

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Some really awesome entries! Here's my final plus two WIP versions of it.

[Image: rendered_zps6482947c.jpg]

[Image: gray_zpsa19a3eef.jpg]

[Image: color_zps2422b3af.jpg]

Maaaaaaaan! Everyone kicked so much ass!!! And this is only CHoW #1 !
I'm so happy that we're all getting into it :)

As for me, mega /facepalms - I started over like three times and started late :D
In the end I just went for a simple character design that I believe a member of the secretive Crimson Daggers would look like. I was inspired by all of us daggers, our interests and the present day. So this dude has elements of a modern-day/urban type of style, coupled with bits and pieces of leather armour (because we can't get enough of them medieval times lolol).

Anyway, failed attempts and studies will be in my sketchbook, seeing as they don't apply to my final attempt ^ ^

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Some pretty awesome looking work going into this. Real glad the Crimson Chow is taking off.

Here's my entry, and a few wips.

The current reigning Crimson Dagger.
The Crimson Daggers are the elite few who survive enough bouts in the Fine Gentlemen's Knife Fight Club to become champion.

The first rule of Fine Gentlemen's Knife Fight Club is; Remember to bring a knife.

[Image: PdYA9h5.jpg]

The Fine Gentleman's Knife Fight Club logo.
[Image: drBQp3L.jpg]

A few wips, which I accidentally cropped (I am a fool).
[Image: v1BfiJ2.jpg]
[Image: oinGtQm.jpg]

Craig, that one looks daaaammn creepy with his smile and shiny boots and then all those daggers and scars. Great job!

Last WIP, tomorrow I'll have to do colors and make it look good. Not sure if I'll add a background with mood, or make a character sheet with a bloodied version & head without mask. Already had waaay to much fun just smearing blood on her...

SketchbookDeviantartArtblog | Portfolio
Every feedback is appreciated!
Gonna have to keep the comments for after the finals, got too busy after beign too lazy :S and now I'm grinding three pieces for tomorrow, not a healthy thing to do.
Great work guys!

Latest wip

great work guys and great job on getting them done in time.
i was not one of those individuals who did that.

but this is what i got to so far idk where to take it and what touches it needs.
thanks all

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