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CRIMSON CHOW #1 - The Crimson Daggers FINALS
WARNING: monster text wall incoming.
I always promise to comment and would like to deliver for once :P so here we go, mind you these are based on what I know (and very often fail to apply) and that I suck really bad at giving critiques about costume design and stuff (specially when I have to translate them to engrish xD), so take what you find useful out of them and forget the rest of my opinions and nitpicky nonsense.

Suira - I think if you have the time you should take this one a step further, it has the potential for a nice illustration.
On the character's design I think you nailed the pose, maybe a little more work on the perspective of the right arm and the twist of the waist and legs would improve the gesture.
You did a god job with the dim blue light source and texture of the cloth, but the shapes and volumes around the shoulders and right arm makes it look like a really heavy/solid costume for a sneaky thief/assasin. The rim lights could be toned down a bit in some areas, focusing only on the planes that directly face the backlight (like the top of the hood, tip of the shoulder pad, a small spot behid the elbow)
Good job.

smrrfette - Even if a bit distant, I like what you did with his face expresion, he definetly looks like he's seen stuff and went through some tough crap to gather bits and scraps to put together his outfit.
You incorporated elements like the knee pads, scarf/hood, ripped jacket, that while do help with the post-apocalyptic look, they make the overall silouette a bit saturated. I think the design could be worked with a more simplified approach and still retain the narrative.
A couple areas could use more attention, its unsure whats his left arm is doing and the area around the chest looks very bright and smooth.
Great job with the values and materials ;)

crackedskull - I like the atmosphere you aimed for, but you need to separate the character more from the background. It may be the monitor I'm working on but I just can't see anything beneath the ribcage area, the cape and spiky shoulders are great but half of the character dissapears into darkness.
I'm digging the diagonal focal lightsource, you could push it farther and stretch it to reach at least his left hand, would help to show more of his clothes and overall size. A few areas reflecting the backlight would help as well.
Great job with setting the mood, looks like a character out of some Castelvania story.
edit: just saw you already made some changes in your sketchbook, much cool, very improvement :V

Craig Paton - Creepy. as. hell.
I like how the armor kind of detaches from the plain concept of a XVIII century gentleman's... fighting-club-thing xD I think with some decorative details (working as a form of ceremonial outfit more than a strictly functional armor piece) could help give it an appeareance of higher status among what could be other regular members.
Overall I like the concept, realistic clothing can very often be difficult to paint as we can spot
the inaccuracies fast but you did a great job at it, its not over-the-top fantasy and the face does say a lot. This dude is clearly not sane.
Also digging the logo, could fit for a respected serious establishment as well as a weird underground depraved tabern lol

ZombieChichilla - Designing is an entire world by itself, but for now I think you should focus on the anatomy. The pose of the character needs to be more gestural in its weight distribution, even if just standing still.
I think you could improve defining the volume, value ranges and light sources. Cloth, leather, metal, rubber, glass, all react to light in a different way, reinforce your knowledge on light reflection by doing studies of those materials and when applying think about the shapes of the body as volumetric objects.

Forrestimel - http://mrwgifs.com/wp-content/uploads/20...ng-Bad.gif
Spot on with the thrash metal influence.
I understand how sometimes a hard critique can be helpfull, but honestly I was about to go full OCD mode and zoom in to see if I could find something off, and then realized that woud be stupid.
It's too damn good. Keep doin your thang.

rafa zanchetin - Madness. You remind me how much I need to get better at hard surface stuff and science fiction design. Crazy lighting and shapes.
The daggers look odd compared with the character, he's covered in awesome scifi power armor but the weapons have this kind of fantasy feel, like they don't entirely belong to him.
Good stuff.

Jaik - Wicked imagination man. I think the design can work but needs more... consistency? (damn, I'm tired and can't even find words to express myself lol)
The skin and mask for example, given how they react to light, the glowing tattoo/engravements and the holes pattern in the chest and face makes it look like hes made from some sort of hard material, like obsidian, that alone can make for a strong image and the clothing and accesories define the concept and add to the story so to say.
If you focus on what the character is, what's his role, where does he come from, I think with a bit more time you can take this one to the next level.
Keep at it.

pnate - o__o I'm trying hard to give my thoughts on these designs but sometimes I feel like I'm goign through my first try at some badass boss in Demon's Souls.
I just can't handle your level yet lol, I feel like I'm back in highschool doodling crap on my table, listening to death metal and suddenly I get picked to critique a Pollock.
Screw you, you're awesome :D

homerid - yousuckandyoushouldquit

jeremygordon89 - Those are some nice values, and I like that you took the liberty of stepping away from the whole dark-mystic-assasin-rouge think and gave him more the appareance of a traveler/adventurer type with those glasses and the staff. Also both presentation and character design remind me a bit of Alexandre Diboine's art. Thumbs up!
Personally I think you could improve on the narrative by making the dagger more of a focal point, if its made of Dragon Stone, maybe giving it the aspect of a hot ember/magma material, make it stand up and use it to help define the little guy as the character who posseses this unique weapon.

I'm sorry if I couldn't make it for everyone but I have to go do some work and this is already probably the longest post I've written in my life. I need coffee.

@homerid Thanks man! I do agree with the daggers, got lazy on them.
Great read for everyone, but I'm too lazy to do the same. :(

Phenomenal work to everyone here, and a great start to the Crimson CHOW! Bring on the next! >:)

Nice job everyone! I'll try to actually finish the never one. Hopefully. Fingers crossed... Winner gets to pick the next topic, right? Might I throw out a suggestion for fat unicorns as a future topic? The world needs more fat unicorn drawings. C'mon!

@homerid: Thanks a lot for the crit man! you totally nailed it, the arms and the twist was bothering me but I didn't really rework them as I should have, also a good point on the thickness of the outfit, it does indeed beg the question how much mobility would something like that take away to stealth around. And yeah, rim lights....I'm such a noob at that still hehe. Really usefull man, thanks for taking the time to give meaningfull feedback!

Edit: Forgot to say, loved the other entries people. you really did a great job, I'm eager to see the next challenge :D

Thanks for the crit; definitely agreed!

...crimson chow 2? O_o

[Image: u8awa.gif]

awesome dudes!
This Challenge was awesome, sorry I missed it, great work everyone, I'll draw a dude tomorrow just 'cuz.

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