I am challenging you to... drum rolls please... an ~*~ EPIC ART BATTLE ~*~ !!! (read in screaming war cry voice please)

What is an ~*~ EPIC ART BATTLE ~*~ you ask? Only the cure for laziness and the motivation for greatness. Bomb

So here's the deal...

It is an art battle between 2 people. Artists will decide between themselves whom to battle with. After that, they decide the theme of the battle (fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, disney cartoons... whatever) and whom their hero will be.
Ex1: medieval fantasy setting, one artist is the grumpy orc, the other is the pompous human knight.
Ex2: fantasy setting, one artist is a hot slutty vampire chick, the other is the cheated ex-boyfriend bounty hunter.
Ex3: Sci-Fi setting, one is a mech, the other a cyborg.
Ex4: Modern day setting, one is Obama, the other is Putin.

You get it, right? It's completely up to the 2 of you.

After they decide on that, they decide on the hero's names, background story, why are they enemies, why they are fighting, who they are, who they wanna become etc., whatever you believe is relevant to the story. This is very important, because this is not only a drawing battle, but an ~*~ EPIC ART BATTLE ~*~ , which means it is also about concept and storytelling. In fact, this is a crucial part, so make sure you invest time in it as well (it won't be hard because this is the crazy, fun and creative part).

After you decide on this between yourselves, start a new thread with all this information. It should contain the following, in this order:
1. A proper title (worthy of a novel or a nasty Vice article)
2. Description of the theme and setting
3. Each opponent's name and their hero
4. A brief description of their story, why they are fighting etc. and a bit of relevant info about the characters (stripper mother, alcoholic father).

Then the battle starts, and it lasts...

Duration: Exactly 10 days from the minute the thread is posted.

The number one rule is that every post of the artists must contain both a drawing and some text to move the story forward. That means you can't write just the story without a drawing or add a drawing without a story.

That said, at first each artist must create an environment based on the chosen setting and a full front pose of their hero character design. This is to get the party rolling. After that, they start the fight however the hell they want, on their own terms with no restrictions. Be creative and have fun. You can cut the limb of the other, making him crawl the whole battle or use a pirate wooden leg, pull out their eyes, even kill one another, only to have them come back from the dead or say they were the twin brother taking the place of the hero until he'd come back from the brothel. You can bring monster pets into play, have armies follow you, everything is permitted. Once one combatant uploads the story and the image, it cannot be refused by the other party. It stays, so improve from there. One thing to take in consideration is to make sure you bring the fight to both environments throughout the fight. If you want to move it to other places as well, you can.

You can upload fully rendered drawings or sketches, digital or traditional, in color or b/w. Of course the more rendered the better, but since you only have 10 days and it's best to make the most of them and create a great story, so balance between more sketchy illustrations and rendered ones. Please don't upload sketches that look like they took less than a couple of minutes of doodling.

Skill Requirements: Everybody can join, no matter the skill. The point is to improve your art and have fun while doing it. For obvious reasons though, it is recommended to choose to battle someone close to your skill level.

Battle winner: Both will be, but for the sake of competition, at the end of the 10 days there will be a vote, for 2 days, to decide who is the official battle winner. Make sure you take in consideration the whole development of the battle, how much each combatant was involved, the number of uploads, the creativity of their story direction etc, and not just who is the better artist. The winner will be declared a Crimson Champion, if it pleases the admins. :)

Don't be a prick! Once you decide to battle, you pledge to take it to the end. No backing down after the first day or something. And you post at least one drawing per day, unless you had very very good reasons not to. If one artist is behind a few sketches, it's fine, the other can still keep posting. There is no limit to how many uploads a user does. Ideally, each artist posts after another, but one can post bulks if he puts so much time into it. If one is not serious about the 10 day commitment and just uses web-space for nothing, he will be banned from future Art Battles (at least for a while).

Spectators / Watchers
Anybody is free to comment and give feedback, critiques and suggestions all throughout the fight.

About the idea
A few years ago, at the very very beginning of me picking up drawing, I was in a similar art battle on an art forum. It was insanely fun, not only to be a part of but to watch others duel as well. I missed that since then, so I thought I'd start one here. :)

So, who's in?! And who's up to take my challenge and fight me in dirty tricks, nasty words and dubious artwork? :)

Here are some examples of a couple cool art battles. Unfortunately it's in Romanian, so use Google Translator or something. Either way, it's enough to look at the pictures to get the feeling.


Also, if you want to make it easier, you can skip the environment part I guess. No need to have this too restrictive. :)


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