CRIMSON CHOW #7 - The Marksman WIP
looking sharp Julian Corpuz , make sure the arrow in her hand fits the bow like the one that's actually on the bow otherwise it looks kind of weird :P
Late late late.
Should have gone with one more outside the comfort zone but just had since yesterday to finish this and yeah, excuses lol
Feel like I kind of lost the whole marksman thing as well and not sure I'll make it in time... yay.
Great work everyone.

quick update its now a race to the end lol
[Image: QLqJwnC.png]

Whoops, posted this to the finals thread initially by mistake. I took a second swing at this, and am trying to decide which version to submit to the finals thread.

Here's my WIP stuff!

Youtube Channel (Process, Tips on how to get work, etc...)

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