Jaik's Sketches & Thoughts
You're doing the 3D mentorship! Are you using UDK? Man you're going to level up so much I need the Hubbble to see where you're at.....

That random Teemo though. xD You have my honor right there. :D

And I don't need to tell you how great you're work is (it has so many details that i'm gonna diiie). I'll be happy to come here once in a while and maybe get some inspiration. Just keep it coming. ^^

// Sketchbook // DeviantArt //

May the painting skills be with you! :3
Woo! As always, love the way you work out your designs and studies.

Your environments are beautiful, they are truly a great inspiration. Keep up the good work :)

The drawings look incredible :D

Smrr: Yeah, maybe Ill just got ahead and practice plein air for a bit before we organise that :P

Angelique: Thanks so much :)

Kurt: Haha, 'lowly peasant' dont think so harshly about yourself. I like helping people and dont mind at all. Also, it wasnt that long ago since I was in the same position as you! I remember it well.

Thanks Majoriedavis and Cracked :)

Get back on that horse Zearthus!

Nice advice there Gliger :) Ill keep that in mind next time I do an environment.

Thanks Lale and Nowio :)

Meat: Haha, I dont think so xP We are using UE4. Massive learning curve.

Stonedpanda: Haha yeah, was kind of random.. Keep dropping by! :)

Thanks Pnate, Desi and Prabu :)


Alright, in the midst of the mentorship. But now doing proxy lighting and building the lighting takes 3-4 min each time.. So its, work for 3-4min, build 3-4min.. Killing me. So thought I would update.

Bunch of studies and sketches that I have been doing over the last however long. Some of em are fairly old, some as recent as this morning. The sketches are all around 30min or an hour. Trying to increase my speed.
The studies are mostly around the 1hr-maybe a max of 90min but Im not really sure.

Time doesnt really matter anyway for a lot of this. Its all about learning.

The mentorship has been good so far. First two weeks were obviously 2D based, so cruised through them, but this last 3D week.. Man, shits been an uphill battle ALL DAY!

Getting there though. Should have the lighting done by tonight but that will probs be posted in the next update. Otherwise feel free to add me on FB if you want to see it sooner.

[Image: 15070901.jpg]

[Image: 15070902.jpg]

[Image: 15070903.jpg]

[Image: 15070904.jpg]

[Image: 15070905.jpg]

[Image: 15070906.jpg]

[Image: 15070907.jpg]

[Image: 15070908.jpg]

[Image: 15070909.jpg]

[Image: 15070910.jpg]

[Image: 15070911.jpg]

[Image: 15070912.jpg]

[Image: 15070913.jpg]

Sorry it wasnt a long description. Any questions just leave a comment and I will be happy to answer them :) Will be replying to all your sexy sketchbooks over the next few days.

Was waiting for this update :D
Really digging the throne project.

Dayum =D I'm following your stuff on facebook sooo i've seen all this beautifull stuff =D So nice, wow, many improvement, very classy ;3 Keep it up man!

Fuck you, man, looking at your sketchbook makes me want to do environments. :)
Please post some more, so I can hate you more (I'm kidding if it's not obvious).

Thanks again for visiting my SB :D

Your updates are amaaazing, I'm feelin all lazy and baaad just looking at them D:
Good thing about the mentorship, how is it going?

Arlight, back to arting, see ya ;D

I see nothing but glory here. CHARGE FORWARD JAIK!

Fantastic environments, really digging the Throne project.

Scream at what I'm doing wrong in my sketchbook
it helps a lot
All the studies are definitely paying off! Keep at it!! :)

E-MAIL - [email protected]


Facebook page



Hey, awesome stuff to hear you winning that contest, and the mentorship turning out well for you. Congrats!

I love those sketchbook drawings a few pages back, and it looks like you've been putting the 3D to good use. A lot of people really let it show through and dominate the work. The paint over the base works well. That 'The Remainder of We' piece is great!

No crit at the moment, as I'm sure you've gotten plenty of that from the mentorship, and it looks like you're definitely heading in the right direction! :]

Hey Jake! Do you know Rattlesnake Jake?

The throne room looks a bit cluttered and thus not making enough impact someone in high authority might want to make. The scroll storing orb on the right most seems better for scrolls - scrolls have the annoying tendency to open up, get the corners damaged, or just deform even when tied up with a string or two. Lying it down sideways and maybe rotating it as if on a mobile belt seems better than storing it vertically... my 2 cents (I don't own scrolls, just some rolled up drawing paper).

Cracked: Heres the rest of the project :P

Rama: Thanks man! :D

Thanks Blunt :P Heres some more, hate all you like.

Nowio: It almost killed me, but I finished it :D

Sula: <3

Thanks Vornag and Orthrandir!

Thanks Archreux, glad someone likes the way I paint over 3D :P

Lol, Meat, I agreed with you but when I thought to remove the orbs, Dan told me to put them back in :P Though, instead he made me darken the windows which I think helped heaps to reduce the noise.


Alright, new update.

Just finished up Dan's Mentorship. Gotta say, AJ has a knack for finding teachers. He was excellent. If you want to learn 3D, this is the place to do it!

I went into it knowing basically nothing about 3D, maybe 20% of the terms used, and barely knowing my way around zBrush and Maya. From there Dan - I'm not going to say nurtured, because thats too gentle of a word.. - kicked my ass until I managed to produce this.

All in all I am fairly happy with it.Theres still tonnes of things I would like to change, but its time to let this one lie and move onto the next one. But I would be thoroughly pleased if all of you here could tear it to shreds so I know what to improve and focus on next time.

[Image: Jaik_SoW_LevelConcept.jpg]

[Image: Jaik_SoW_HeroConcept.jpg]

[Image: Jaik_SoW_TrimSheet.jpg]

[Image: Jaik_SoW_Shot01.jpg][Image: Jaik_SoW_Shot02.jpg]

[Image: Jaik_SoW_Hero3D.jpg]

Have you seen my jaw? I think it fell through the Earth and popped up a well in China.

Holy shit man.

[Image: 72058-what-kind-of-sorcery-is-this-JXjO.jpeg&.png]

Dude... how... you what did you do?!?!? STAHP!!!?!?!


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